Thursday, 30 December 2010

5 Big Apple systems security risks


Mac security problems are not news, and in recent years, many security experts and brands are the security issues MacOS put on the agenda. Some bloody facts, but also proves that we have been very new to the white, began to hackers and cyber criminals has become the object of their favor.

Everything has its due, Mac will become common reasons why there are five:

First, the fruit powder child safety awareness is low.

Apple users have always been proud of, that is, Apple A1185 battery's "high safety factor." Apple Macbook and this is the year of the most important selling points. JOBS have been pursuing this marketing strategy, resulting in many users are "convinced" Mac system invulnerable. This creates a serious problem, Apple A1175 battery user for many of the basic knowledge of network security do not understand, or even the meaning can be said that security is low. Because in their minds is white without any problems, and like a man holding a gold bar to take to the streets, not only did not hide, but also around to show off that I am no one can take away gold bars, so that the result of natural Needless to say ... ... "Hardships for the worst." Perhaps the best explanation for this problem!

Second, the surge in the number of users and high-value line

If only the poor user security awareness, the MacOS is still not fully reflect the security risks. After all, this fruit powder awareness of their children is not a day for two days. However, increasing the number of fruit powder, so the problem has been exacerbated by poor security. Hacking contest two winners Pwn2Own • Charlie Miller, he said, Windows system, poor law and order as a city bustling metropolis of house doors and windows are locked, and inaccessible country MacOS system is like playing close the doors at night, although the attack less likely, but preventive measures are not perfect. With the growing number of users, for hackers, increasing the value of individual users. Up in the bustling village has continued to close the doors at night ... ... waiting for Apple A1185 battery users will be serious consequences!

Third, a serious vulnerability, and poor repair

The problem is actually with a similar problem, Apple A1175 battery this dreamer (please forgive me borrow "Pirates of the dream space" term) to the user who created a virtual and nice dreams, and in this dream of a totally implantable worried about malware and malicious attacks, double dream. But the dream itself, there is a huge loophole in fact, be the dreamer dreams of children's shoes seem to not care much about the patch, the intensity of each patch is not to dream too much. (Of course, now slowly improving), many Vian staff (hacker) is to kill them with Alice in Wonderland (user). Hacker dream, if successful, users of natural broken dreams, or into chaos!

Fourth, lack of safety facilities

Actually, this is not to say that there is no security software Apple A1189 battery platform, but many people do not know it. This is another question 1 after-effects. Whenever I show off with friends in the new Mac version of Kaspersky is installed, when there are 10 friends do not know Kabbah 9 out of this system security software based on Mac, 7 people think that there is no need to install security software , White does not love poisoning. 4 people think white is invincible, and I had Waste of money! In this regard I can only sigh: ~ poor safety awareness contributed to this Asus A42-A6 battery ignorance ... ...

Fifth, the rapid evolution of malicious programs

Again borrowing a security report of the data types of malicious programs care about the rate of daily increase in the 4W. Mac-based account for the development of a new virus hundreds of them. If we allow Mac users to see this, certainly was another inspired ... ... but they do not know the facts of a terrorist ... ... windows system upgrade malicious program is compatible with Mac systems gradually. This time there are good movies watched: When a friend's Apple A1189 battery X86 fruit powder to the computer copy the film back into the beloved white when, suddenly in the AV or U disk virus Terminator ... ... the shoes of this fruit powder When the expression will be very interesting ... ... the face of such problems, you can only go to look at their security software installed libraries are also compatible with dual-virus system!

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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Top Ten Most Anticipated of 2011 IT products

Dec. 21 news, 2010, is on the technology enthusiasts happy year. We see the unexpected success of Microsoft Kinect the third edition of game controllers and the Amazon Kindle e-reader, tablet PCs and Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, and smart phones iPhone4 and Nexus S.

2011, there will be more cool products, such as an array of tablet PCs, a new computer technology. U.S. technology blog site businessinsider lists next year's 10 most anticipated products including Apple A1189 battery and Apple A1175 battery, the following is list:

1, Nintendo 3DS

May 2010, Nintendo released the E3 game show in the next generation of DS portable game consoles, installing 3D display, other features include an image comparable to today's game, Wi-FI connection and can take 3D pictures of the camera . 3DS will be held in March in the U.S., the price is about 300 dollars.

2, RIM Playbook

RIM will launch early next year, the competition iPad product Playbook, from less than 400 dollars.

3, the Motorola Android Tablet PC

Andy Rubin, director of Google Android (Andy Rubin), held this month D: Dive Into Mobile conference shows running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Motorola Tablet PC systems.

4, Google social networking (name unknown)

Google launched a Facebook for even more secret project.

5, the Sony PSP mobile phone

The product may be too small too late, but Sony's last chance to challenge iPhone expected next year.

6, HP Tablet PC Palm

Since HP's acquisition of Palm, the company has promised to use Palm's WebOS system introduced killer Tablet PC, the device reportedly codenamed Topaz, in the first half of next year.

7, Verizon version of iPhone

If you have a chance, 23% of U.S. iPhone users go to Verizon, the version of iPhone may be launched next March.

8, iPad 2

Apple may launch next spring iPad 2, the possible changes include front and rear camera, Facetime video phone and the price of less than 200 dollars.

9, Chrome Notebook

Google Chrome OS system may be installed next year, Acer and Samsung in the notebook.

10, Light Peak Technical Mac computers

The first half of next year, will launch the next generation of Apple Laptop Battery Mac computers, will be installed in the Light Peak of Intel technology, data transmission speeds up to 10Gbps, compared with the upcoming USB 3.0 standard is even higher 1 times, can be transmitted within 30 seconds of a Ministry of the full Blu-ray movies.

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Friday, 24 December 2010

Yahoo replaced Google as the most popular U.S. website

December 24 evening news, the latest data research company comScore, in November of this year, Yahoo replaced Google as the most popular U.S. website. This is the first time since Yahoo's go-ahead from August Google.

comScore data show that in November this year, Yahoo's unique visitors, 1.81 million, topped the list. Instead, Google is 179 million, ranking second. Yahoo from August to October has been ranked Google, the November Zeyi 2.2 million unique visitors victory over Google. Microsoft is 176 million, ranking third. Facebook Fourth, the unique visitors of 1.52 million. AOL fifth, unique visitors, 1.14 million.

In recent months, Yahoo and Google's unique visitors nearly as much. October, Google's unique visitors, 1.81 million, while Yahoo's 1.80 billion. And 11 months, Yahoo has surpassed Google.

In terms of discounts website, buy website Groupon unique visitors reached 10 million, growth of 54%. CouponCabin second, unique visitors to 8.8 million, growth of 400%. Coupons third, unique visitors to 640 million. Fourth, the unique visitors to 5.4 million, growth of nearly 1,000%. Fifth, the unique visitors of 500 million, growth of 20%.

In terms of retail sites, Amazon ranking, Nov. unique visitors to 84 million, growth of 4%. Wal-Mart ranked second, unique visitors to 51.8 million, growth of 44%. Apple third, unique visitors to 40.3 million. Target Fourth, the unique visitors to 39.8 million, while the fifth Best Buy.

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Sunday, 19 December 2010

FCC new regulations will expand the network traffic monitor voting on Tuesday

U.S. Federal Communications Commission (hereinafter referred to as "FCC") will be held Tuesday for "network neutrality" votes held, may introduce new regulatory rules.

This provision would prohibit Comcast, Verizon Communications and other high-speed Internet service providers block legitimate traffic on its network, will consider their demands of network congestion control, it is possible for users according to Internet usage charges.

Analysts said, FCC Chairman Julius Sige Na Koski (Julius Genachowski) the proposal is likely to get the support of two Democratic Party members.

Can not come to agreement, FCC sometimes certain matters on the agenda would be canceled. But observers believe that the Democratic Party members, Michael Kirby, Phillips (Michael Copps) and Byrne (Mignon Clyburn) attitude is imperfect does not provide better than the provisions. Kepu Si carriers want FCC to take on a more stringent regulatory Laptop battery measures, and the re-classification of Internet traffic; Cleveland Byrne said, so that Internet service providers in the wireless network traffic management, with greater freedom than wired networks that she was very upset.

Republican FCC members said in the hope that Internet traffic is not regulated.

Former FCC officials, brokerage Stifel Nicolaus analyst Prendergast (Rebecca Arbogast) said: "But I still think they will introduce a Laptop battery requirement."

Internet service providers that take into account the interests of all users, they should have the right to freedom of managing their own networks; but Internet content providers fear that this may cause the user to visit certain Web sites have been interference, there may inhibit competition. If Internet service providers are allowed to control traffic on their networks, it is possible to use this advantage in the areas of video content, and use its network to provide similar services to competing Internet content providers.

Previously, Netflix for online video sites to provide content delivery network services to communications companies Level 3 Communications denounced Comcast, said the latter charge was unfair to its cost, it will only allow the video content distribution network to Comcast users.

This year in April, an appeals court said, FCC no right to prohibit Comcast to stop take a lot of bandwidth services. The agency's Internet monitoring capabilities have been questioned. Although senior FCC officials said it would use Comcast case law has not been used, but this legislation is likely to be challenged in the legal level.

Wagner Koski suggested, in view of the wireless Internet is still at an early stage of development, Internet service providers should be given greater freedom to manage network traffic. There was support for the Laptop battery proposal Wagner Koski part on the wireless network, said the limited bandwidth of wireless networks need to download movies from the phone to provide support, including all services.

The key is, BlackBerry, iPhone and other handheld devices, how fast can receive video and other data intensive content.

Some critics say the proposal Wagner Koski gave too much power to Internet service providers, may damage the interests of consumers, stifle innovation, and irreversibly split the Internet, contrary to the Internet "open" concept.

December 10, more than 80 organizations jointly sent a letter to FCC, Wagner said the proposal is not really consistent with Koski "network neutrality" principles. To ban Internet service providers who set up payment priority service, which allows some sites pay a fee to the operator to get faster Internet access speed. Non-profit organizations, senior vice president of Media Access Project, policy director Boltzmann (Andrew Jay Schwartzman) said: "The priority service payment is likely to provoke strong opposition."

Macro-policy research firm Medley Global Advisors analyst Jeffrey Silva (Jeffrey Silva) said Kepu Si and is likely to vote for Bern Klee Wagner Koski's proposal, but he also pointed out that the new regulatory rules inadequacies.

FCC members are modifying the final proposal, the details of the draft has not yet made public. Silva is expected to eventually Wagner Koski proposal will make the contents of the 1st of this month is very close, so as not to irritate the current support of his Internet businesses. Arbogast said the more stringent regulatory measures would arouse discontent of these enterprises, and led to new regulations in Laptop battery court, was AT & T and other wireless carriers and cable companies even more serious challenge.

Schwarzman said that any unhappy people will sue. "I expect, FCC will be subject to various challenges, both those who feel the new regulations were too radical, there are those who think it is too conservative."

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Yahoo began to lay off 650 on Tuesday

Yahoo on Tuesday launched the first cuts, the largest number reached 650.

The layoff comes Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz (Carol Bartz) through a variety of measures to cut costs, improve Yahoo's online advertising business occasion. Yahoo has begun in recent years, several rounds of layoffs.

Yahoo spokeswoman declined to comment.

Informed sources said that this product sector job cuts mainly for Yahoo to start accounting for the largest number of 5% of the total number of Yahoo employees. Yahoo departments responsible for product design and development of consumer and advertising services, and its head was 8 months ago from Microsoft switched to Yahoo's Blake Irving (Blake Irving).

As of the end of October, Yahoo has 14,100 employees.

Bartz is trying to revive Yahoo, the company had gone through years of bureaucratic and lack of innovation. Yahoo's failure to use social networking opportunities, in the search war, also lost to Google.

To cut costs, Bartz Yahoo search engine and its associated advertising system outsourced to former rival Microsoft. She also co-operating with third-party companies Yahoo, appointments, recruitment and real estate business in Dell xps M1530 battery and Dell xps m1730 battery. At the same time, Bartz also trying to increase the contribution of editors and invited amateur way to strengthen Yahoo's news media advantage.

Yahoo has been in charge of the helm nearly two years Bartz faces investor pressure, it needs to produce results as soon as possible. But she has repeatedly stressed that the company made significant progress, you need to spend some time.

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Monday, 6 December 2010

Sliding full keyboard Android phone on sale

With several models use Android system, Motorola once again become the focus of a consumer company. And today, but also a model system using the Android officially on sale, that Motorola XT300 (parameter forum software). The current machine (licensed) in the dealer price is 1850 yuan at the latest, licensed accessories complete.

From the exterior, the Motorola XT300 very easy for us to think of another model - Palm Pre. Under the slider and candy bar and did not use much of the screen, so it is very small, frosted material holding the body also make it very superior grip. Positive for a 3.0-inch 240 × 320 pixel resolution capacitive touch screen. XT300 uses a Motorola Android 2.1 smartphone operating system, software resources. Manipulation, Motorola XT300 has natural advantages are, apart from other touch operation, the drop-down slide full keyboard can also be used to operate the entity. Moreover, there is a Motorola XT300 navigation touchpad on the back. Back of the fuselage also incorporates a 3.2 million pixel camera.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Microsoft's revenue model start smart phone patent


Software revenue is no longer the only company in the market revenue source. "Recently, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith (BradSmith), said the company still hopes WP7 platform to great success, one way is through the relevant patent licensing program to stimulate sales. This seems to lead to similar high-pass --- proud of the profit model royalty income. But some analysts believe that the field of Qualcomm CDMA dominated in each of the patents are very critical, and high-pass output of the patent itself is mostly outside. wishful thinking and Microsoft fight mainly for the smart phone market, and from the current situation, this is not an orderly and peaceful in the market.

To open up the Nuggets Road

Not long ago, Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm chairman and chief executive officer (PaulJacobs) during his visit to the media revealed that Qualcomm was founded in the early stage of patent fees originally just to help fund the company's normal laptop battery operation, but no Now think of the company has become the main source of cash income.

And Qualcomm's "unintentional positive outcomes," not the same as the operation of the new Microsoft in smart phone operating system WP7, the initiative to move profits from the brains of patent fees, the specific method is to lower the number of mobile phone manufacturers software charges at Taiwan (Microsoft has been the main profit model), the collection belongs to Microsoft, the manufacturer again, and involved in these smart phones royalties.

Smith did not reveal this part of the expected revenue and size, only revealed to be less than the current lower short-term mobile phone manufacturers to use software costs paid by WP7. But he also said that licensing revenues will eventually exceed W P7 software revenue.

In particular, he mentioned the HTC (HTC) case, that Microsoft has with the relevant agreement reached HTC, "in patent licensing, we have an open mind."

In addition to the patent is not chaos

It is understood that most of the cost of mobile phone about 20 dollars in royalties, most of which are high-pass all. The reason why Microsoft's own "patent revenue strategy," full of confidence, mainly due to the field in the current smart phones, Microsoft and Apple has most of the patents.

Because of this, Microsoft is also moving Android, Symbian smart phones on other platforms such brains. "In addition to WP7 platform itself, Microsoft also hopes a large number of smart phone-related patents to Dell BATEL80L9 battery profit." Smith outspoken.

But the current market environment is not immediately appear to "meet" the needs of Microsoft. Microsoft sued Motorola, Oracle sued Google, Nokia sued Apple, Apple sued HTC, HTC, Apple sued in turn, can be described as chaotic scene. More critical is that almost all of these long-standing patent disputes, the result foreseeable future.

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Microsoft will soon WP7 phone features built-in audio and video output


Microsoft WP7 spokesman said they were about to WP7 phone's built-in audio and video output. At present, the function has been conducting a wide range of tests, which for the majority of fans of WP7 is undoubtedly good news.

However, according to reports, WP7 had built-in audio and video output on the design of some defects, we now speculate may be due to the problems caused by driving. Editing by some foreign websites related to e-mail contact with Microsoft, Microsoft will ultimately proves to extend through the USB interface, the phone WP7 audio and video output.

So far, Microsoft has not disclosed the exact audio and video output capabilities of the release time, so pockets of the Internet is also determined whether function early next year, and copy, paste, multi-tasking system, navigation, and a number of features to upgrade .

While the industry seems to be more apt to HDMI output and high-end features such as wireless DLNA mobile phone, including HTC and LG, however, including more than a dozen Microsoft partners are also configured in a variety of smart phones through the USB interface for audio and video output. It seems a good major manufacturers are still very optimistic about the USB interface, the way this has been recognized by consumers. At the same time, Microsoft also made some limits are still not allowed to access the car stereo through the USB interface, audio files WP7.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Google Voice application approved the use of the Apple iPhone

Google news:

November 17, in the negotiations with Apple Free software download a year later, Google's voice applications final approval can be used in the iPhone.

This announcement and the Federal Communications Commission for the AT & T and Apple is a monopoly of inquiring about.

Google voice applications can significantly reduce the cost of international calls, now available in the Blackberry and Android free applications on the system.

Apple Free software download said the Federal Communications Committee has never completely rejected Google's voice applications.

Waiting for the approval of the time, Google refreshes its mobile website, making the speech software applications more convenient. Now free software which can be used in the iPhone to begin.

Friday, 12 November 2010

HP is recognized sale Palm Pre 2 on the November 15 in UK

November 13, according to foreign media reports, HP finally confirmed Nov. 15 will be on sale in the UK Palm Pre 2, 399 pounds, does not bind SIM card, the company plans to attract consumers and business users.

The product's hardware configuration for the 3.1-inch multi-touch HVGA display, and the slider qwerty keyboard, also has 16G storage space and a 500-megapixel camera.

Pre 2 WebOS2 based on the modified platform, the platform has a number of tasks, view the Office and Internet applications, such as Google Docs, synchronization over the document. HP has announced an increase in typing functionality to allow users to create e-mail, update social network status, and without opening the application can search for favorite Web sites. Also allows users to log Facebook, Google, Microsoft Exchange, Linkedln and Yahoo accounts, information is automatically updated to the device's contact list. Palm Pre 2 re-design the application launcher, so the user can add, mark and record start, browser support for HTML5 good, and support for Adobe Flash10.1.

HP also announced an update WebOS2 in the next few months to push for the existing users, but did not specify time.

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Russian investment company will invest heavily Twitter DST

There are rumors that, Twitter is considering a new round of financing, while the Russian investment company DST is the most likely new investors.

Close to the DST CEO Yuri Milner (Yuri Milner) the source said: "He started two months ago from Twitter interested in many things he normally would not be interested." DST, another close The source confirmed that, DST has been a long time to consider investing in Twitter.

Obviously, DST typically invest in those early days has passed, and be sure the company will be successful. There are many companies in this category, and Twitter is one of them. The industry believes that the factors that affect the timing of the deal, Twitter shareholder attitudes and actions of competitors. If DST is not on the Twitter investment, it only shows that Twitter's advertising business is still not generate enough revenue.

DST has invested in several Internet companies recently, including Zynga, GroupOn and Facebook. These companies have two things in common: the social network-driven user acceptance and rapid revenue growth.

Twitter has attracted a lot of users. But even though in the past 6 months Twitter has taken many measures aimed at profit, but has yet to see significant revenue growth in the company's signs.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Google TV GT1 Sony's first evaluation

Google TV after the release of the paper, we can only partner from one of Google, Intel CEO Paul Otellini's mouth know a little - "Google TV and Apple TV is not a pair of lovers, maybe they can in the coexistence of a family-friendly, because their main audience is different, Apple TV is intended for those who simply receive audio and video media users, and Google TV customers can get better control and application extensions. " While I personally do not fully agree with the summary Otellini, after all, this conclusion has to smooth things over the suspect. Apple TV is IOS-based products, so in theory also has applications and peripherals expansion, in my view, both in the U.S. and European markets is bound to be the same as the smart phone platform hand combat, and in the Chinese market, the situation will only become more complex, hundreds of brands of high-definition player products are launched in full swing last year, the network function of war in China, the world's largest consumer electronics market and network users, three at a future point in time is bound to collide, in the end Who can compete in the future as the Chinese win it?

The speculation had in theory, with the advent of Google TV products become increasingly clear in kind, we also can assess the specific level, the Chinese IPTV market, the competitive landscape of the. Today, we have to consider the protagonist, is the first exposure to Google TV product Sony NSZ-GT1 and Logitech Revue Mac video converter, we will have these two products from the software and hardware platforms to application mode, do a full range of in-depth analysis, you on Google TV has a deep understanding. Final conclusions of the decision you, Google TV Is your favorite Chinese IPTV model? Syria further ado, into today's subject, Google TV!

Google TV Sony at the head first available physical products

Because Google, as Google TV sponsors, providing just such a platform, so after the release of all that we can only guess her. No. 12 in this month, Sony released the world's first configuration of the platform of LCD TVs and Blu-ray player gives us a more specific impression. Oh! Google TV is so original.

Google TV NSZ-GT1 Sony Blu-ray optical drive configurations, 4 USB interface is used to increase local storage space, because the onboard 8GB of space certainly is not enough. We are familiar with the PC interface and is very similar to setting optical output SPDIF, wireless and wired network card, and configure the input / output characteristics of the design belongs to the two HDMI.

Of course, this design is not for fun, and this determines the Google TV and the original living room home appliances are connected, in a flat-panel TV and DVR set-top box to receive equipment or devices. The purpose of a fresh connection to make Google TV search and other applications and traditional seamless connection of digital television, live in harmony. We can either let Google TV coverage from the DVR and the output of the signal source set-top box that the video Mac video converter image, you can open the picture in picture feature, the window view TV at the same time, the Google TV-related search and other applications.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Kinect for Xbox 360

November 19 the balance of the formal stage ten simultaneous launch exclusive games.

Microsoft Asia-Pacific & Greater China retail channel and marketing vice president Aaron Bowman (Alan Bowman) 8 announced on 31 May, Xbox 360 video somatosensory peripheral "Kinect for Xbox 360" will be held November 19 launch in Taiwan.

The first wave will have 15 exclusive games Kinect launched simultaneously, including "Kinect cute animals (Kinectimals)", "Kinect Adventure (Kinect Adventures !)"," Kinect Sports Assembly (Kinect Sports)", "Kinect Happy Express (Kinect Joy Ride) "4 paragraph cultural games.

Microsoft Taiwan, said the province with immediate effect to the Xbox 360 players can pre-order Kinect products authorized dealer:

Kinect sensors "Kinect Adventure" game with bales group

Already have a Xbox 360 console for gamers to buy the Kinect sensors and games with bales group, Group 1 contains the Kinect sensor and feature a variety of small game somatosensory Kinect "Kinect Adventure" game 1 set, price 5490 yuan.

Xbox 360 4GB host Kinect sensors "Kinect Adventure" game with bales group

Xbox 360 new entrants to the world for players to buy the sensors and console games Kinect with bales group, including light of the new Xbox 360 4GB host 1 (Built-in 4GB flash memory storage space, without hard drive), Kinect sensor group 1 and included a variety of small game somatosensory Kinect "Kinect Adventure" game 1 set, price 10360 yuan.

Those who pre-order products over Kinect players, can be obtained at the launch of a group Kinect exchange code, free download "Kinect Adventure" three points and virtual dolls exclusively dedicated "Kinect Sports General Assembly" helicopter props.

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Changes in the cultural genes IBM

IBM news:

IBM in the development process, several generations have inherited the founder and head of the old Watson's values and business philosophy, making the company with a strong "traditional" flavor. Gerstner bite culture, worried, in his view, it is this cultural tradition, limiting the development of IBM. More importantly, this culture, he led the implementation of the strategic transformation of invisible resistance. Therefore, the old Gerstner left IBM Watson to the "cultural heritage" was cleared.

Watson in the old times, he will expand his faith for the entire company's beliefs which ruled IBM for decades. They include: excellence, high quality customer service, respect for the individual. Admittedly, the old Watson's these ideas in a long time pushed the company to the pinnacle of IBM, casting the "Big Blue" of the soul. However, with the spatial and temporal changes in the role of these ideas is also quietly changed. As Gerstner said: "These beliefs are placed in 1962 - Watson has just introduced the world when these beliefs, and it is placed between the world of 1993, they represent an entirely different meaning - at least the way they are changing the use. "

Excellence. IBM has been the "excellence" as one of the company's beliefs. In the slow pace, quality oriented manufacturing times, it is very valuable beliefs. However, fast-paced, high-speed Internet age, this belief becomes an obstacle to decisive action. "Excellence" has become too obsessed with perfection; the action will become stagnation, significantly prolonged the time new products come out. Gerstner asked to break through this pursuit of perfection brought "too far", he stressed that the pursuit of perfection do not have to wait until 100%, as long as 60% to 80% sure to be action. In Gerstner, "action-oriented" thinking led, IBM introduced a new mainframe cycle, from 4 to 5 years was reduced to 18 months.

High-quality customer service. High-quality customer service is always right, in the era of the computer's start-up, customers are not familiar with relevant technical, customer service-oriented guidance prompted IBM to help customers arrange everything for the customer, it is necessary at the time. However, IT industry popularity, resulting in the customer guide enterprises. When customers turn around when the competitors, IBM is still blindly believe that they are better than the customer wise. As Gerstner as criticism: "IBM is mainly defined according to their own imagination to the market." To this end, Gerstner took out the "warm embrace" plan to reverse the direction of IBM. The main content of this program: IBM's 50 senior managers, everyone in the next 3 months to visit the company at least five largest customers of the one to listen to voice of the customer, IBM customers to eliminate bias, and take appropriate action. Some 200 senior executives directly under, the same manner. Under its then, step by step to promote the final formation of a real customer-oriented.

Respect for the individual. The old Watson has an important faith is, "respect for the individual." This is the source of the company's cohesion, but also the source of productivity. This also benefits the formation of a long-standing policy of inertia. But Gerstner said IBM respect for personal beliefs have evolved in a number of factors not conducive to the development of the company, such as foster a well-deserved allowance-type culture and cultivate the opinions of the people above his own company policy on the "no" spirit. Therefore, cooperation and team concept has been greatly weakened. For this to say "no" instead of "yes", describe Gerstner said: "In any organization one level, even if an inter-departmental team took pains to devise a company-wide decision-making, if there is high that the decision undermined the manager of his company's position - or with his departure from the view of the world, then the decision will still be shoveling take away the interest to be uncooperative. "

Cultural change is difficult is slow. However, if there is no cultural change, which conflicts with the corporate strategy will resolve the beliefs and habits of implementation of the strategy in the invisible. Gerstner believes that changing the thinking of hundreds of thousands of staff attitudes and behavior patterns, is a very difficult task. This is not learn from school, sitting in the office can not resolve, but can not rely on one or two speeches delivered, or for the company to write a new motto this simple approach to implementation. Culture change requires a process. Gerstner made, despite the very difficult cultural change, but leaders can create the conditions for cultural transformation, to provide encouragement, clear objectives. There is a very profound meaning of his words: "In fact, the ultimate sense, the management does not allow managers to change the culture, but to invite people to change their own culture."

Monday, 27 September 2010

Technology Innovation Award is released, Greatings


California Liquid Robotics Inc. Received the highest award in this category, the development of a wave driven by the unmanned ship.


California InVisage Technologies Inc. In order to obtain the semiconductor category QuantumFilm highest award, QuantumFilm is designed for digital camera image sensors, the use of semiconductor nanocrystals that can capture more than conventional light sensors.


San Francisco Unity Technologies game development tool to get a series of top awards in this category, these tools allow for mobile phones and game systems and other equipment production, including games, training, simulation and medical visualization of various three-dimensional interactive content, including lower cost, more easy.

Technology Design

How effective, simple kitchen storage may not be a problem in the world's largest, but for a lot of attempts to highlight the strangely shaped handle with a lid and pot it up to people, this really is a good deal of problems.

Britain's Gavin Thomson Design Ltd. Made for the everyday problems an elegant solution to obtain the highest award in this category. Thomson designed a three-piece the perfect fusion of pan. Pot set in the pot, cover the pot in the pot, the pot and the pot handle is Zaokong, turn the handle of each pot on a fixed slightly larger hollow handle, all are at the top of the lid.

Wireless Technology

UK Ubiquisys Ltd. To low-cost femtocell (ng micro cellular base station) to obtain the highest award in this category, femtocell is a small indoor mobile communication base stations.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Ericsson launched the wireless patent infringement litigation

Sept. 21 news, Ericsson has the East Texas federal district court in the United States on D-Link, Acer, Netgear and other companies, make wireless products infringement.

Ericsson patent litigation concerns this time the object contains the D-Link Corporation D-Link's U.S. subsidiary, Acer Corporation, Acer's U.S. subsidiary, Netgear and into Acer's Gateway, Ericsson made the companies to court routers, notebook computers and other wireless transmission technology, and nine patent infringement patent.

Ericsson main complaint contains most of wireless technology patents, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and all other wireless products, as long as there are carrying Atheros, Ralink, Realtek chip, or by Foxconn, text and other OEM Lite concerns of wireless products are infringing.

In charge of enterprises, accounted for most of Taiwan enterprises. Industry said that Taiwan manufacturers in the field of wireless transmission performance in the world brightest, patent litigation has become a key international companies object.

Taiwan's wireless router market share worldwide shipments up Jiucheng more built-in notebook computer's wireless modules share of global market share as high as Jiucheng, D-Link is the world's largest networking equipment consumer brand manufacturers, Acer was the world's the second-largest notebook computer brands.

D-Link, said yesterday that the incident reported to Friends of The U.S. subsidiary of Ericsson, but have not yet received any court documents, so can not comment, is expected no impact on sales. Acer said that the door has already notified the Ministry of Justice, has entered the judicial process, the company would not comment....

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Sources said Microsoft plans to issue bonds 5 billion U.S. dollars

September 14 morning news, according to foreign media reports, a large number of overseas cash can not be used as Microsoft plans to issue bonds during the year, its dividend and stock buyback program financing.

According to informed sources, Microsoft plans do not affect their credit rating as much as possible under the conditions of financing. Financial industry, said Microsoft does not affect the rating of the case, at least be able to finance 5.0 billion.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) facing to the form of dividends and share buybacks pressure returns to investors. Microsoft's 36.8 billion U.S. dollars while a significant portion of cash in overseas, if they are directly transferred to the United States needs to pay taxes. The cost of borrowing is now hovering at historical status, so Microsoft plans to issue bonds. This month, Home Depot and Dell have issued bonds.

Thornburg Investment Company Executive Director Jason Brady said, "Obviously, Microsoft believes their stock prices low, borrowing costs are low and so they choose to issue bonds."

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Apple iOS4.1 expected to release 8

Sept. 6, according to foreign media reports, according to Apple's UK web site information, new operating system iOS4.1 this week three, 8 September release. iOS4.1 iOS 4 is the first major update, to add some new features, including high-definition video upload, HDR photos, game centers. At the same time, this update is to repair iOS4 the loopholes in the operating system, including sensors and Bluetooth receivers.

Apple has updated its website to inform the user iOS4.1 coming.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cisco and Skype is a natural fit

According to market rumors that Cisco has made offer for Skype, if the rumors are true, then the deal is for Cisco on a very important strategic significance. But to complete the transaction, Cisco is also facing a huge obstacle.

If the acquisition of a telephone service provider, Cisco is bound to the largest customer base is saying that the formation of competing telecommunications companies.

Market research firm Gartner analyst Kendulani (Ken Dulaney) said: "If you really want to buy Cisco Skype, the world's telephone service operators will be terrified. Skype's core business is to sell low-cost telephone service, while Cisco All products are sold to telephone service operators. it seems is not good. "

Dulaney said he thought the deal might not be approved, as Cisco may face greater conflicts of interest.

Skype revenue of more than 700 million U.S. dollars last year, while the expected price of its own several billion dollars. Cisco's acquisition of Skype most companies are much smaller than the size of the company. However, if the acquired companies have mastered the technology that Cisco is if you want it, it will start acquisition. Last year, it conducted two such different from the conventional acquisition, once acquired video conferencing systems vendor Tandberg, another is the acquisition of networking products maker Starent Networks, the price of those two acquisitions are just three billion U.S. dollars .

Other analysts believe that the transaction is very fit for Cisco, it will never give up.

The combination of Skype and Cisco can be described as a natural fit. Cisco CEO John Chambers is leading the company's VoIP collaboration tools to the field of video and moving, and that happens to be good at Skype and the leading markets.

American technology blog site TechCrunch reported Sunday, Cisco has submitted a bid to Skype. Skype introduced last month, 100 million U.S. dollars worth of IPO application, but Cisco is clearly able to give a higher cash price. Cisco and Skype were not on market rumors

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Government of India to be fully monitor the Internet

After a successful submission to the BlackBerry, the Indian government again turned to the Internet.

According to "India Times" reported yesterday, the Indian government plans to begin a comprehensive monitoring of all domestic and foreign connections and on-line data. Recently years, the fear of terrorists and criminals use of the threat posed by data communication, the authorities of the BlackBerry service, Skype Internet phone service and Google Mail are paying close attention.

India's telecommunications department sources, on the 20th of this month will hold a ministerial meeting, India's Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of senior officials, cabinet members, security services, National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), information technology development center (C-DOT) and the Ministry of Telecommunication and other senior officials will jointly attend the meeting will discuss the nationwide deployment by the Information Technology Development Center network monitoring system issues.

It is reported that the Indian revenue intelligence committee (DRI) and the Indian National Bureau of Investigation for the network monitoring system proposed new requirements.

Internet information monitoring also led to serious violations of consumer privacy, because unlike cell phones, carriers do not have the blocking behavior of the implementation of specific responsibilities. In this regard, the Indian government needs to have a clear policy mandate, both to improve the monitoring of Internet privacy issues to respond again.

British "Financial Times" had reported that the Indian government is likely to shut down Google and Skype services business. India Telecom Security officials and the Telecommunications Carriers Association, the minutes revealed that the meeting aimed at finding "intercept and monitor" encrypted communications technology solutions. According to the minutes, all members agreed that the provision of Internet information services to find solutions to problems, involving more than one information service company, such as Blackberry, Skype, Google and so on. They decided to first solve the BlackBerry Internet information service business problems, followed by other companies.

Meanwhile, a Thai government official said yesterday, for security reasons, Thai authorities have taken emergency measures to prohibit access to Wikipedia Jiemi local network. In recent years, Thai authorities remove thousands of pages, the main reason is that these pages contain offensive content to the Thai royal family. Insulting the royal family is a serious offense in Thailand, the maximum Huoxing 15 years. The network attack against the royal family of such acts, the Thai authorities have set up a special office to oversee the network of crime.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Huawei's first commercial router cluster system Assistance to achieve Singapore's SingTel

Huawei has announced that, SingTel (Singapore Telecommunications) with Huawei NE5000E 1 +2 router cluster completed the integration of IP backbone network construction, realized on VoIP, HSI and IPTV services such as unified integrated bearing. This is the first in Singapore to introduce a router in the backbone network cluster system, will provide up to 100M for its broadband customers high-speed Internet access.

The integration of IP backbone network construction is the Huawei and SingTel "converged IP backbone network 3 + 3-year framework contract" part. Huawei NE5000E router cluster through SingTel's rigorous testing, its superior scalability and stability of access to SingTel's approval. The system port capacity of up to 2.56T, and can smoothly upgrade to 200T, adequately address the core node SingTel bandwidth shortages, to meet long-term development needs of business to help operators continue to reduce network TCO.

Huawei NE5000E router cluster system using patented technology and unique flexibility matrix uninterrupted business expansion ISHE (In-Service Hardware Expansion) program, to achieve seamless router cluster expansion, the maximum investment protection operators. In addition, the introduction of cluster router Huawei NE5000E divisional power supply, high-performance power system, circulating cooling system concept is the industry's lowest power consumption with the type of core routers.

SingTel IP and data engineering, said Alan Lam, vice president: "SingTel is pleased to work with Huawei, this industry-leading suppliers to bring our customers high standards, highly scalable and highly reliable data communications services. We believe that Through our industry-leading IP backbone network, SingTel will provide the highest quality innovative solutions to further strengthen our industry-leading multimedia solution for the status of operators. "

"Singapore's first router, the introduction of the cluster system will further strengthen Singapore's international information center. We believe that the two sides continued intensive cooperation, will further enhance the carrying capacity of SingTel's business for SingTel's customers faster, better, more communications services. "Huawei said Wang Shengli, president of the Asia Pacific region.

As a leader in IP field, Huawei has successfully deployed the world's first volume of the 2 +4 router 5T cluster system, the core router cluster router NE5000E and cumulative worldwide shipments more than 2,000 units, are widely used in the global mainstream operators.

About SingTel

SingTel (Singapore Telecommunications Limited, referred to as SingTel), founded in 1879, is Singapore's largest telecommunications operator, Australia's second-largest telecommunications provider, Asia's leading telecommunications group. A wide range of communication services and solutions, including mobile, fixed, data, Internet, information and communication technology, satellite and pay TV services.

Friday, 13 August 2010

IBM announced 480 million U.S. dollars to buy Unica Corp

IBM news:

August 13 evening news, according to foreign media reports, IBM announced that 21 dollars per share, totaling 480 million U.S. dollars to buy Unica Corp..

As of 8:20 EST, closed yesterday, the Unica software only 9.55 U.S. dollars rose as high as 117.80%, to 20.80 U.S. dollars. IBM shares little changed.

To be determined

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cisco's fourth quarter net profit of 1.9 billion U.S. dollars

August 12, according to foreign media reports, Cisco today announced the line with Wall Street analysts expected fourth-quarter financial report, but this did not meet the earnings expectations of investors, affected by the day after-hours Cisco lower stock price presents a situation.

Cisco's fourth quarter key performance: revenue up 27% to 10.84 billion U.S. dollars, non-GAAP diluted net income of 43 cents a share, while Wall Street analysts expected revenues of 10.88 billion U.S. dollars, up 25% to 28%, non-GAAP diluted net income of 42 cents a share.

In U.S. GAAP net profit of 1.9 billion, net income for diluted share, 33 cents; last year, compared with 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, profits of 19 cents a share diluted.

Operating cash flow was 3.2 billion U.S. dollars, at a quarter to 30 billion U.S. dollars, last year 20 billion.

In today's after-hours trading the stock market during the period, Cisco shares fell 1.29 dollars to 22.44 U.S. dollars, down 5.4%; in the previous period of regular trading, Cisco shares fell 58 cents to close, down 2.4%.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

iPhone exchanging iTouch needs USD70

Recently, a "iPod Touch 5 second change iPhone" in the video widely circulated on various websites: an electronics factory in Shenzhen R & D "Apple Peel" - looks similar to the iTouch's protective cover, the internal installation of the SIM card slot, battery and antenna, set in the iTouch, the screen will appear the keyboard, you can immediately call, send text messages, but not 3G Internet access, and not equipped with cameras.

Video content also includes the purchase by: online booking has been accepted, is expected to arrive next week, priced at 450 yuan to 500 yuan.

China cottage another big idea - "apple peel"

"Apple Peel" is really so wonderful? "Apple peel" appearance of the product whether the cottage is another big idea?

According to Taobao store description, "apple peel" is a protective cover accessories, appearance and general iPhone, like the protection cover, using flexible material as carrier, built in back button of the communication module, with SIM card slot, support for call , text messaging, GPRS Internet access still under adjustment. The parts of the volume of 121 × 65 × 12.5mm, with Infineon baseband, built-in 800 mA battery can provide 120 hours standby time and 4.5 hours talk time.

"Apple Peel" a good signal strength, and radiation almost zero. This accessory antenna is located on the lower right corner of the original iTouch headset interfaces, the user will signal when holding this regional impact. In addition, iTouch itself does not configure the microphone, including the "apple peel", due to the "apple peel" has integrated headphones and microphone, does not require any additional peripherals can be achieved call.

Although the "mixed iPhone" can not use the 3G internet, watch online video, play online games, video and camera functions, at best, only a GSM mobile phone network, but the performance said, "Half-Blood iPhone" and the iPhone has the same system, same You can use Apple's software store, run most of the iPhone, you can run the software, and storage capacity is no less in the iPhone, 8G of the iTouch can store 1,750 songs, or videos 10 hours.

In the price, "Mixed iPhone" is also well positioned. iPhone 3GS Mainland cheapest 4999 yuan, while the 8GB version of iTouch mainland only sell about 1,500 yuan, plus about price 500 "apple peel" is still cheaper than the genuine iPhone to 3,000 yuan, more than double the price of saving It is the temptation.

"Apple Peel" can replace the iPhone?

Taobao landing stations, "apple peel" has begun to accept reservations, stores reported selling price in the range from 300 yuan to 500 yuan, 100 yuan deposit book, expected time to market for at least one week, opening date, hundreds of people ordering.

As the "apple peel" is not listed, do not personally used, most users this is still skeptical.

An annual use of Apple iPod products, a senior player Bobby said: "iPhone's most powerful features is its not all concentrated in the phone body, but instead rely on network technology Weiqizhiyuan 出色, to each user to provide different needs, to personalize their products, each very different for different users. "Bobby said, the purpose of each consumer is different, Apple has done market research and concluded: For the size of their products and appearance changes, consumers will be buying desires of different degrees. "So iPhone is irreplaceable!"

There are many friends have said: "iTouch wear 'vest' after declaring a higher cost, but there are still no camera, GPRS and other mobile defects commonly used functions." "'Apple peel' the antenna at the headphone jack iTouch Department, will hold positions in the antenna signal a certain impact. "" I am a little worried about the reception of this machine, and the batteries can overheat. "

One of their own work is an engineer, "Apple fans" of the "apple peel" operating principles, "'apple peel' is a cell phone, have a cell phone all the configuration - the battery, SIM card, speaker, microphone, were all integrated In the soft-shell top, if coupled with the display, which is a complete mobile phone. 'apple peel' access iTouch, is to use the iTouch interface, because the iTouch and the iPhone's firmware is exactly the same, only in communication There are differences. If the 'apple peel' What is powerful in the sense that it installed a system to break Apple's software, making 'apple peel' to share the iTouch screen and dial-up interface. "

Before you buy, you need to know ... ...

"Apple Peel" Is it true, it's so wonderful propaganda, want to see it left the performance after the listing, but need to be reminded that in to the iTouch put on "apple peel" before, to determine the iTouch has been fitted with the two calls and text messages application, and taking into account the uniqueness of each number with the iPhone is bound to sell, can not easily insert other SIM card, so users must first break your iTouch.

Since July 26 this year, the crack is no longer an "infringement" acts, the United States Copyright Office on July 26 adopted the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" (DMCA) in the revised version of the bill has already admitted crack mobile phone legitimacy.

At the same time, faith shop around the principle, ZTE has also released a message it would launch a similar iTouch Accessories - Peel (meaning "skin"), now this accessory has been on display at the FCC website.

Peel is the joint launch of ZTE's 3G and Sprint Communications accessories, with Qualcomm CDMA2000 communication chips, support CDMA 800/1900 MHz network, can use the 3G network for data communications, with a 900 mA battery.

ZTE communications, said Peel currently no plans in the domestic market, the future of whether there is a possibility, let us wait and see!

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Windows 7 system flaws caused Blue Screen of Death

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system came out a new zero-day vulnerability, the vulnerability can cause user's system blue screen of death or subjected to code execution attacks.

Vulnerability research company VUPEN French said the flaw could allow local attackers to execute denial of service attacks (Denial of Service), or to obtain a higher user rights.

When using the "BITMAPINFOHEADER" structure "biClrUsed" value as a counter, Win32k.sys driver file "CreateDIBPalette ()" function buffer overflow errors occur this problem from occurring. When the user receives a bitmap from the clipboard data, an attacker may cause a system crash victims, or to use the kernel to execute arbitrary malicious code.

It is reported that the flaw affects Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Vista SP2 and Windows XP SP3. Currently, Microsoft is investigating the security vulnerabilities.

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