Friday, 30 July 2010

Facebook revenue this year will reach 1.5 to 2 billion U.S. dollars

July 31, according to foreign media reports, sources, Facebook revenue by 2010 will be 1.5 to 2 billion U.S. dollars between.

Industry generally believe that Facebook revenues will be in 2010 from 1000 to 1100 million U.S. dollars between.

Facebook users are far more than 500 million. Facebook's 500 million referred to as "active users per month." Facebook frankly admitted, is not published because the number of users to prevent outsiders have high expectations.

Facebook also a very long time to IPO (initial public offering). Said a source in March, Facebook may be three years after the IPO. Even if the Facebook listing, it will not like most companies do, but would like a non-listed companies as part of the public issue of shares without voting rights.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Panasonic acquisition of Sanyo and Matsushita Electric at 9.4 billion

July 29 evening news, according to foreign media reports, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. announced plans to 818.4 billion yen (about 9.4 billion U.S. dollars) to buy Sanyo Electric and Matsushita Electric subsidiary, all of the shares.

Matsushita Electric is now the world's fourth largest flat panel TV manufacturers. The company will issue 500 billion yen of new shares to raise funds for the acquisition. Matsushita Electric shares the additional information leading to the company's share price dropped 11%.

In the president Fumio Ohtsubo (Fumio Ohtsubo) under the leadership of Matsushita Electric home appliances are manufactured from low-margin to the solar cell and other energy-related industries turn, these industries have good growth prospects.

Kubo of Japan Okasan Securities analyst emerging in (sound): "The Panasonic cost of doing so is not low, but I think investors will welcome the deal, because Panasonic will be able to quickly develop environment-related business." He pointed out that : "Just by virtue of audio-visual business, Panasonic can not achieve significant growth."

Reuters and other media reported this news, the Matsushita Electric shares since March 2009 a record low since. Investors fear the move will result in Panasonic existing shares to be diluted. Matsushita to sell to investors led to 3.5 billion market value evaporated.

Matsushita Electric is working to enhance the profits of the overseas market and is working with Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics launched a price war. Matsushita Electric had said it would gradually withdraw from the business overlap with Sanyo Electric. In addition, through this acquisition, Matsushita Electric can put more resources into better business prospects, such as solar cells and lithium on.

Panasonic will be 23 August to 6 October to the two subsidiaries to an offer. Matsushita Electric and Panasonic, Sanyo Electric on the purchase price was 138 yen and 1,110 yen per share, compared with the latter two stocks over the past three months has averaged 9.5% and 17.1% of the premium rate.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. in December last year to 4 billion U.S. dollars to buy a 50% stake in Sanyo Electric. Sanyo Electric is the world's leading rechargeable battery and solar cell manufacturers. Matsushita Electric Matsushita Electric also has a 51% stake, which mainly manufacture housing materials and lighting equipment.

After completion of the deal, Matsushita Electric program in January 2012 before the restructuring of the business, build three core business. Ohtsubo in May this year announced a new three-year business plan, Matsushita Electric program in March 2013 prior to operation of margin doubled to 5%, while revenue increases by 1 / 3, reaching 10 trillion yen .

Matsushita Electric and Sanyo Electric plans to withdraw from overlapping operations, these businesses generated annual revenue of 3,000 billion yen. The two companies also plan the development and integration of white goods manufacture.

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