Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Government of India to be fully monitor the Internet

After a successful submission to the BlackBerry, the Indian government again turned to the Internet.

According to "India Times" reported yesterday, the Indian government plans to begin a comprehensive monitoring of all domestic and foreign connections and on-line data. Recently years, the fear of terrorists and criminals use of the threat posed by data communication, the authorities of the BlackBerry service, Skype Internet phone service and Google Mail are paying close attention.

India's telecommunications department sources, on the 20th of this month will hold a ministerial meeting, India's Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of senior officials, cabinet members, security services, National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), information technology development center (C-DOT) and the Ministry of Telecommunication and other senior officials will jointly attend the meeting will discuss the nationwide deployment by the Information Technology Development Center network monitoring system issues.

It is reported that the Indian revenue intelligence committee (DRI) and the Indian National Bureau of Investigation for the network monitoring system proposed new requirements.

Internet information monitoring also led to serious violations of consumer privacy, because unlike cell phones, carriers do not have the blocking behavior of the implementation of specific responsibilities. In this regard, the Indian government needs to have a clear policy mandate, both to improve the monitoring of Internet privacy issues to respond again.

British "Financial Times" had reported that the Indian government is likely to shut down Google and Skype services business. India Telecom Security officials and the Telecommunications Carriers Association, the minutes revealed that the meeting aimed at finding "intercept and monitor" encrypted communications technology solutions. According to the minutes, all members agreed that the provision of Internet information services to find solutions to problems, involving more than one information service company, such as Blackberry, Skype, Google and so on. They decided to first solve the BlackBerry Internet information service business problems, followed by other companies.

Meanwhile, a Thai government official said yesterday, for security reasons, Thai authorities have taken emergency measures to prohibit access to Wikipedia Jiemi local network. In recent years, Thai authorities remove thousands of pages, the main reason is that these pages contain offensive content to the Thai royal family. Insulting the royal family is a serious offense in Thailand, the maximum Huoxing 15 years. The network attack against the royal family of such acts, the Thai authorities have set up a special office to oversee the network of crime.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Huawei's first commercial router cluster system Assistance to achieve Singapore's SingTel

Huawei has announced that, SingTel (Singapore Telecommunications) with Huawei NE5000E 1 +2 router cluster completed the integration of IP backbone network construction, realized on VoIP, HSI and IPTV services such as unified integrated bearing. This is the first in Singapore to introduce a router in the backbone network cluster system, will provide up to 100M for its broadband customers high-speed Internet access.

The integration of IP backbone network construction is the Huawei and SingTel "converged IP backbone network 3 + 3-year framework contract" part. Huawei NE5000E router cluster through SingTel's rigorous testing, its superior scalability and stability of access to SingTel's approval. The system port capacity of up to 2.56T, and can smoothly upgrade to 200T, adequately address the core node SingTel bandwidth shortages, to meet long-term development needs of business to help operators continue to reduce network TCO.

Huawei NE5000E router cluster system using patented technology and unique flexibility matrix uninterrupted business expansion ISHE (In-Service Hardware Expansion) program, to achieve seamless router cluster expansion, the maximum investment protection operators. In addition, the introduction of cluster router Huawei NE5000E divisional power supply, high-performance power system, circulating cooling system concept is the industry's lowest power consumption with the type of core routers.

SingTel IP and data engineering, said Alan Lam, vice president: "SingTel is pleased to work with Huawei, this industry-leading suppliers to bring our customers high standards, highly scalable and highly reliable data communications services. We believe that Through our industry-leading IP backbone network, SingTel will provide the highest quality innovative solutions to further strengthen our industry-leading multimedia solution for the status of operators. "

"Singapore's first router, the introduction of the cluster system will further strengthen Singapore's international information center. We believe that the two sides continued intensive cooperation, will further enhance the carrying capacity of SingTel's business for SingTel's customers faster, better, more communications services. "Huawei said Wang Shengli, president of the Asia Pacific region.

As a leader in IP field, Huawei has successfully deployed the world's first volume of the 2 +4 router 5T cluster system, the core router cluster router NE5000E and cumulative worldwide shipments more than 2,000 units, are widely used in the global mainstream operators.

About SingTel

SingTel (Singapore Telecommunications Limited, referred to as SingTel), founded in 1879, is Singapore's largest telecommunications operator, Australia's second-largest telecommunications provider, Asia's leading telecommunications group. A wide range of communication services and solutions, including mobile, fixed, data, Internet, information and communication technology, satellite and pay TV services.

Friday, 13 August 2010

IBM announced 480 million U.S. dollars to buy Unica Corp

IBM news:

August 13 evening news, according to foreign media reports, IBM announced that 21 dollars per share, totaling 480 million U.S. dollars to buy Unica Corp..

As of 8:20 EST, closed yesterday, the Unica software only 9.55 U.S. dollars rose as high as 117.80%, to 20.80 U.S. dollars. IBM shares little changed.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cisco's fourth quarter net profit of 1.9 billion U.S. dollars

August 12, according to foreign media reports, Cisco today announced the line with Wall Street analysts expected fourth-quarter financial report, but this did not meet the earnings expectations of investors, affected by the day after-hours Cisco lower stock price presents a situation.

Cisco's fourth quarter key performance: revenue up 27% to 10.84 billion U.S. dollars, non-GAAP diluted net income of 43 cents a share, while Wall Street analysts expected revenues of 10.88 billion U.S. dollars, up 25% to 28%, non-GAAP diluted net income of 42 cents a share.

In U.S. GAAP net profit of 1.9 billion, net income for diluted share, 33 cents; last year, compared with 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, profits of 19 cents a share diluted.

Operating cash flow was 3.2 billion U.S. dollars, at a quarter to 30 billion U.S. dollars, last year 20 billion.

In today's after-hours trading the stock market during the period, Cisco shares fell 1.29 dollars to 22.44 U.S. dollars, down 5.4%; in the previous period of regular trading, Cisco shares fell 58 cents to close, down 2.4%.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

iPhone exchanging iTouch needs USD70

Recently, a "iPod Touch 5 second change iPhone" in the video widely circulated on various websites: an electronics factory in Shenzhen R & D "Apple Peel" - looks similar to the iTouch's protective cover, the internal installation of the SIM card slot, battery and antenna, set in the iTouch, the screen will appear the keyboard, you can immediately call, send text messages, but not 3G Internet access, and not equipped with cameras.

Video content also includes the purchase by: online booking has been accepted, is expected to arrive next week, priced at 450 yuan to 500 yuan.

China cottage another big idea - "apple peel"

"Apple Peel" is really so wonderful? "Apple peel" appearance of the product whether the cottage is another big idea?

According to Taobao store description, "apple peel" is a protective cover accessories, appearance and general iPhone, like the protection cover, using flexible material as carrier, built in back button of the communication module, with SIM card slot, support for call , text messaging, GPRS Internet access still under adjustment. The parts of the volume of 121 × 65 × 12.5mm, with Infineon baseband, built-in 800 mA battery can provide 120 hours standby time and 4.5 hours talk time.

"Apple Peel" a good signal strength, and radiation almost zero. This accessory antenna is located on the lower right corner of the original iTouch headset interfaces, the user will signal when holding this regional impact. In addition, iTouch itself does not configure the microphone, including the "apple peel", due to the "apple peel" has integrated headphones and microphone, does not require any additional peripherals can be achieved call.

Although the "mixed iPhone" can not use the 3G internet, watch online video, play online games, video and camera functions, at best, only a GSM mobile phone network, but the performance said, "Half-Blood iPhone" and the iPhone has the same system, same You can use Apple's software store, run most of the iPhone, you can run the software, and storage capacity is no less in the iPhone, 8G of the iTouch can store 1,750 songs, or videos 10 hours.

In the price, "Mixed iPhone" is also well positioned. iPhone 3GS Mainland cheapest 4999 yuan, while the 8GB version of iTouch mainland only sell about 1,500 yuan, plus about price 500 "apple peel" is still cheaper than the genuine iPhone to 3,000 yuan, more than double the price of saving It is the temptation.

"Apple Peel" can replace the iPhone?

Taobao landing stations, "apple peel" has begun to accept reservations, stores reported selling price in the range from 300 yuan to 500 yuan, 100 yuan deposit book, expected time to market for at least one week, opening date, hundreds of people ordering.

As the "apple peel" is not listed, do not personally used, most users this is still skeptical.

An annual use of Apple iPod products, a senior player Bobby said: "iPhone's most powerful features is its not all concentrated in the phone body, but instead rely on network technology Weiqizhiyuan 出色, to each user to provide different needs, to personalize their products, each very different for different users. "Bobby said, the purpose of each consumer is different, Apple has done market research and concluded: For the size of their products and appearance changes, consumers will be buying desires of different degrees. "So iPhone is irreplaceable!"

There are many friends have said: "iTouch wear 'vest' after declaring a higher cost, but there are still no camera, GPRS and other mobile defects commonly used functions." "'Apple peel' the antenna at the headphone jack iTouch Department, will hold positions in the antenna signal a certain impact. "" I am a little worried about the reception of this machine, and the batteries can overheat. "

One of their own work is an engineer, "Apple fans" of the "apple peel" operating principles, "'apple peel' is a cell phone, have a cell phone all the configuration - the battery, SIM card, speaker, microphone, were all integrated In the soft-shell top, if coupled with the display, which is a complete mobile phone. 'apple peel' access iTouch, is to use the iTouch interface, because the iTouch and the iPhone's firmware is exactly the same, only in communication There are differences. If the 'apple peel' What is powerful in the sense that it installed a system to break Apple's software, making 'apple peel' to share the iTouch screen and dial-up interface. "

Before you buy, you need to know ... ...

"Apple Peel" Is it true, it's so wonderful propaganda, want to see it left the performance after the listing, but need to be reminded that in to the iTouch put on "apple peel" before, to determine the iTouch has been fitted with the two calls and text messages application, and taking into account the uniqueness of each number with the iPhone is bound to sell, can not easily insert other SIM card, so users must first break your iTouch.

Since July 26 this year, the crack is no longer an "infringement" acts, the United States Copyright Office on July 26 adopted the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" (DMCA) in the revised version of the bill has already admitted crack mobile phone legitimacy.

At the same time, faith shop around the principle, ZTE has also released a message it would launch a similar iTouch Accessories - Peel (meaning "skin"), now this accessory has been on display at the FCC website.

Peel is the joint launch of ZTE's 3G and Sprint Communications accessories, with Qualcomm CDMA2000 communication chips, support CDMA 800/1900 MHz network, can use the 3G network for data communications, with a 900 mA battery.

ZTE communications, said Peel currently no plans in the domestic market, the future of whether there is a possibility, let us wait and see!

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Windows 7 system flaws caused Blue Screen of Death

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system came out a new zero-day vulnerability, the vulnerability can cause user's system blue screen of death or subjected to code execution attacks.

Vulnerability research company VUPEN French said the flaw could allow local attackers to execute denial of service attacks (Denial of Service), or to obtain a higher user rights.

When using the "BITMAPINFOHEADER" structure "biClrUsed" value as a counter, Win32k.sys driver file "CreateDIBPalette ()" function buffer overflow errors occur this problem from occurring. When the user receives a bitmap from the clipboard data, an attacker may cause a system crash victims, or to use the kernel to execute arbitrary malicious code.

It is reported that the flaw affects Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Vista SP2 and Windows XP SP3. Currently, Microsoft is investigating the security vulnerabilities.

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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Oracle: Dell HP x86 servers pre-installed its operating system

July 30, according to foreign media reports, local time Thursday, said Oracle, Dell and HP will be in their x86 server, Solaris and Enterprise Linux operating system pre-installed, and Oracle VM.

Oracle Co-President Charles Phillips (Charles Phillips) said in a statement that this "demonstrates Oracle's commitment to openness." He said, Solaris can be used for a variety of x86 server platforms.

Under the agreement, Dell and Hewlett-Packard's x86 server customers can purchase to Oracle Premier Support services and access to software updates.

Google announced to give up Google Wave services

August 5 morning news, according to foreign media reports, three in Silicon Valley this week, Google announced that it will give Google Wave information and social networking services, because the service user concerned about the lack of adequate.

Google Wave occasion just launched last year, has attracted considerable attention. The service aims to provide a revolutionary real-time communication and collaboration editing, similar to the Email, blog and instant messaging, micro-hybrid.

Google launches of many search services other than trying to expand its business scope, but a lot of new products like Google Wave as the ultimate failure. Google currently the main revenue comes from its core online search advertising.

Google vice president of operations Wuersihuo Zell (Urs Hölzle) wrote in a blog, "Wave enthusiastic users of products reach our expectations, so we no longer will it continue to develop as a separate product . "

However, he said, Google will Wave some innovative technology to other products, such as easy drag and drop, real-time display the contents of the other type and so on.

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Yahoo Japan's president emphasized cooperation with Google does not violate the antitrust laws

August 4 news, Yahoo Japan President Masahiro Inoue 2, held a news conference with Google on search and advertising network business cooperation was accused of anti-competitive Microsoft, the issue stressed: "compilation of guidelines will be an independent operator search service .'s review of advertising standards are also different. and will continue to compete with each other. "

Inoue said, a few months ago, have responsibility to determine whether the violation of "anti-monopoly law," the Fair Trade Commission on the cooperation described in detail. He believes that the cooperation did not violate the two "anti-monopoly law," and "our study has taken into account Yahoo and Google in the U.S. (involving anti-trust issues) failed to cooperation. Thanks to Yahoo Japan does not have its own search engine Yahoo's situation is different with the United States. "

Yahoo Japan, on July 27 announced the opening of Google's search engine, and the linkage with the user's search keyword advertising system. The cooperation between the two companies share of the Japanese search market will reach about 90%.

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