Monday, 27 September 2010

Technology Innovation Award is released, Greatings


California Liquid Robotics Inc. Received the highest award in this category, the development of a wave driven by the unmanned ship.


California InVisage Technologies Inc. In order to obtain the semiconductor category QuantumFilm highest award, QuantumFilm is designed for digital camera image sensors, the use of semiconductor nanocrystals that can capture more than conventional light sensors.


San Francisco Unity Technologies game development tool to get a series of top awards in this category, these tools allow for mobile phones and game systems and other equipment production, including games, training, simulation and medical visualization of various three-dimensional interactive content, including lower cost, more easy.

Technology Design

How effective, simple kitchen storage may not be a problem in the world's largest, but for a lot of attempts to highlight the strangely shaped handle with a lid and pot it up to people, this really is a good deal of problems.

Britain's Gavin Thomson Design Ltd. Made for the everyday problems an elegant solution to obtain the highest award in this category. Thomson designed a three-piece the perfect fusion of pan. Pot set in the pot, cover the pot in the pot, the pot and the pot handle is Zaokong, turn the handle of each pot on a fixed slightly larger hollow handle, all are at the top of the lid.

Wireless Technology

UK Ubiquisys Ltd. To low-cost femtocell (ng micro cellular base station) to obtain the highest award in this category, femtocell is a small indoor mobile communication base stations.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Ericsson launched the wireless patent infringement litigation

Sept. 21 news, Ericsson has the East Texas federal district court in the United States on D-Link, Acer, Netgear and other companies, make wireless products infringement.

Ericsson patent litigation concerns this time the object contains the D-Link Corporation D-Link's U.S. subsidiary, Acer Corporation, Acer's U.S. subsidiary, Netgear and into Acer's Gateway, Ericsson made the companies to court routers, notebook computers and other wireless transmission technology, and nine patent infringement patent.

Ericsson main complaint contains most of wireless technology patents, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and all other wireless products, as long as there are carrying Atheros, Ralink, Realtek chip, or by Foxconn, text and other OEM Lite concerns of wireless products are infringing.

In charge of enterprises, accounted for most of Taiwan enterprises. Industry said that Taiwan manufacturers in the field of wireless transmission performance in the world brightest, patent litigation has become a key international companies object.

Taiwan's wireless router market share worldwide shipments up Jiucheng more built-in notebook computer's wireless modules share of global market share as high as Jiucheng, D-Link is the world's largest networking equipment consumer brand manufacturers, Acer was the world's the second-largest notebook computer brands.

D-Link, said yesterday that the incident reported to Friends of The U.S. subsidiary of Ericsson, but have not yet received any court documents, so can not comment, is expected no impact on sales. Acer said that the door has already notified the Ministry of Justice, has entered the judicial process, the company would not comment....

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Sources said Microsoft plans to issue bonds 5 billion U.S. dollars

September 14 morning news, according to foreign media reports, a large number of overseas cash can not be used as Microsoft plans to issue bonds during the year, its dividend and stock buyback program financing.

According to informed sources, Microsoft plans do not affect their credit rating as much as possible under the conditions of financing. Financial industry, said Microsoft does not affect the rating of the case, at least be able to finance 5.0 billion.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) facing to the form of dividends and share buybacks pressure returns to investors. Microsoft's 36.8 billion U.S. dollars while a significant portion of cash in overseas, if they are directly transferred to the United States needs to pay taxes. The cost of borrowing is now hovering at historical status, so Microsoft plans to issue bonds. This month, Home Depot and Dell have issued bonds.

Thornburg Investment Company Executive Director Jason Brady said, "Obviously, Microsoft believes their stock prices low, borrowing costs are low and so they choose to issue bonds."

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Apple iOS4.1 expected to release 8

Sept. 6, according to foreign media reports, according to Apple's UK web site information, new operating system iOS4.1 this week three, 8 September release. iOS4.1 iOS 4 is the first major update, to add some new features, including high-definition video upload, HDR photos, game centers. At the same time, this update is to repair iOS4 the loopholes in the operating system, including sensors and Bluetooth receivers.

Apple has updated its website to inform the user iOS4.1 coming.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cisco and Skype is a natural fit

According to market rumors that Cisco has made offer for Skype, if the rumors are true, then the deal is for Cisco on a very important strategic significance. But to complete the transaction, Cisco is also facing a huge obstacle.

If the acquisition of a telephone service provider, Cisco is bound to the largest customer base is saying that the formation of competing telecommunications companies.

Market research firm Gartner analyst Kendulani (Ken Dulaney) said: "If you really want to buy Cisco Skype, the world's telephone service operators will be terrified. Skype's core business is to sell low-cost telephone service, while Cisco All products are sold to telephone service operators. it seems is not good. "

Dulaney said he thought the deal might not be approved, as Cisco may face greater conflicts of interest.

Skype revenue of more than 700 million U.S. dollars last year, while the expected price of its own several billion dollars. Cisco's acquisition of Skype most companies are much smaller than the size of the company. However, if the acquired companies have mastered the technology that Cisco is if you want it, it will start acquisition. Last year, it conducted two such different from the conventional acquisition, once acquired video conferencing systems vendor Tandberg, another is the acquisition of networking products maker Starent Networks, the price of those two acquisitions are just three billion U.S. dollars .

Other analysts believe that the transaction is very fit for Cisco, it will never give up.

The combination of Skype and Cisco can be described as a natural fit. Cisco CEO John Chambers is leading the company's VoIP collaboration tools to the field of video and moving, and that happens to be good at Skype and the leading markets.

American technology blog site TechCrunch reported Sunday, Cisco has submitted a bid to Skype. Skype introduced last month, 100 million U.S. dollars worth of IPO application, but Cisco is clearly able to give a higher cash price. Cisco and Skype were not on market rumors