Thursday, 25 November 2010

Microsoft will soon WP7 phone features built-in audio and video output


Microsoft WP7 spokesman said they were about to WP7 phone's built-in audio and video output. At present, the function has been conducting a wide range of tests, which for the majority of fans of WP7 is undoubtedly good news.

However, according to reports, WP7 had built-in audio and video output on the design of some defects, we now speculate may be due to the problems caused by driving. Editing by some foreign websites related to e-mail contact with Microsoft, Microsoft will ultimately proves to extend through the USB interface, the phone WP7 audio and video output.

So far, Microsoft has not disclosed the exact audio and video output capabilities of the release time, so pockets of the Internet is also determined whether function early next year, and copy, paste, multi-tasking system, navigation, and a number of features to upgrade .

While the industry seems to be more apt to HDMI output and high-end features such as wireless DLNA mobile phone, including HTC and LG, however, including more than a dozen Microsoft partners are also configured in a variety of smart phones through the USB interface for audio and video output. It seems a good major manufacturers are still very optimistic about the USB interface, the way this has been recognized by consumers. At the same time, Microsoft also made some limits are still not allowed to access the car stereo through the USB interface, audio files WP7.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Google Voice application approved the use of the Apple iPhone

Google news:

November 17, in the negotiations with Apple Free software download a year later, Google's voice applications final approval can be used in the iPhone.

This announcement and the Federal Communications Commission for the AT & T and Apple is a monopoly of inquiring about.

Google voice applications can significantly reduce the cost of international calls, now available in the Blackberry and Android free applications on the system.

Apple Free software download said the Federal Communications Committee has never completely rejected Google's voice applications.

Waiting for the approval of the time, Google refreshes its mobile website, making the speech software applications more convenient. Now free software which can be used in the iPhone to begin.

Friday, 12 November 2010

HP is recognized sale Palm Pre 2 on the November 15 in UK

November 13, according to foreign media reports, HP finally confirmed Nov. 15 will be on sale in the UK Palm Pre 2, 399 pounds, does not bind SIM card, the company plans to attract consumers and business users.

The product's hardware configuration for the 3.1-inch multi-touch HVGA display, and the slider qwerty keyboard, also has 16G storage space and a 500-megapixel camera.

Pre 2 WebOS2 based on the modified platform, the platform has a number of tasks, view the Office and Internet applications, such as Google Docs, synchronization over the document. HP has announced an increase in typing functionality to allow users to create e-mail, update social network status, and without opening the application can search for favorite Web sites. Also allows users to log Facebook, Google, Microsoft Exchange, Linkedln and Yahoo accounts, information is automatically updated to the device's contact list. Palm Pre 2 re-design the application launcher, so the user can add, mark and record start, browser support for HTML5 good, and support for Adobe Flash10.1.

HP also announced an update WebOS2 in the next few months to push for the existing users, but did not specify time.

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Russian investment company will invest heavily Twitter DST

There are rumors that, Twitter is considering a new round of financing, while the Russian investment company DST is the most likely new investors.

Close to the DST CEO Yuri Milner (Yuri Milner) the source said: "He started two months ago from Twitter interested in many things he normally would not be interested." DST, another close The source confirmed that, DST has been a long time to consider investing in Twitter.

Obviously, DST typically invest in those early days has passed, and be sure the company will be successful. There are many companies in this category, and Twitter is one of them. The industry believes that the factors that affect the timing of the deal, Twitter shareholder attitudes and actions of competitors. If DST is not on the Twitter investment, it only shows that Twitter's advertising business is still not generate enough revenue.

DST has invested in several Internet companies recently, including Zynga, GroupOn and Facebook. These companies have two things in common: the social network-driven user acceptance and rapid revenue growth.

Twitter has attracted a lot of users. But even though in the past 6 months Twitter has taken many measures aimed at profit, but has yet to see significant revenue growth in the company's signs.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Google TV GT1 Sony's first evaluation

Google TV after the release of the paper, we can only partner from one of Google, Intel CEO Paul Otellini's mouth know a little - "Google TV and Apple TV is not a pair of lovers, maybe they can in the coexistence of a family-friendly, because their main audience is different, Apple TV is intended for those who simply receive audio and video media users, and Google TV customers can get better control and application extensions. " While I personally do not fully agree with the summary Otellini, after all, this conclusion has to smooth things over the suspect. Apple TV is IOS-based products, so in theory also has applications and peripherals expansion, in my view, both in the U.S. and European markets is bound to be the same as the smart phone platform hand combat, and in the Chinese market, the situation will only become more complex, hundreds of brands of high-definition player products are launched in full swing last year, the network function of war in China, the world's largest consumer electronics market and network users, three at a future point in time is bound to collide, in the end Who can compete in the future as the Chinese win it?

The speculation had in theory, with the advent of Google TV products become increasingly clear in kind, we also can assess the specific level, the Chinese IPTV market, the competitive landscape of the. Today, we have to consider the protagonist, is the first exposure to Google TV product Sony NSZ-GT1 and Logitech Revue Mac video converter, we will have these two products from the software and hardware platforms to application mode, do a full range of in-depth analysis, you on Google TV has a deep understanding. Final conclusions of the decision you, Google TV Is your favorite Chinese IPTV model? Syria further ado, into today's subject, Google TV!

Google TV Sony at the head first available physical products

Because Google, as Google TV sponsors, providing just such a platform, so after the release of all that we can only guess her. No. 12 in this month, Sony released the world's first configuration of the platform of LCD TVs and Blu-ray player gives us a more specific impression. Oh! Google TV is so original.

Google TV NSZ-GT1 Sony Blu-ray optical drive configurations, 4 USB interface is used to increase local storage space, because the onboard 8GB of space certainly is not enough. We are familiar with the PC interface and is very similar to setting optical output SPDIF, wireless and wired network card, and configure the input / output characteristics of the design belongs to the two HDMI.

Of course, this design is not for fun, and this determines the Google TV and the original living room home appliances are connected, in a flat-panel TV and DVR set-top box to receive equipment or devices. The purpose of a fresh connection to make Google TV search and other applications and traditional seamless connection of digital television, live in harmony. We can either let Google TV coverage from the DVR and the output of the signal source set-top box that the video Mac video converter image, you can open the picture in picture feature, the window view TV at the same time, the Google TV-related search and other applications.