Thursday, 30 December 2010

5 Big Apple systems security risks


Mac security problems are not news, and in recent years, many security experts and brands are the security issues MacOS put on the agenda. Some bloody facts, but also proves that we have been very new to the white, began to hackers and cyber criminals has become the object of their favor.

Everything has its due, Mac will become common reasons why there are five:

First, the fruit powder child safety awareness is low.

Apple users have always been proud of, that is, Apple A1185 battery's "high safety factor." Apple Macbook and this is the year of the most important selling points. JOBS have been pursuing this marketing strategy, resulting in many users are "convinced" Mac system invulnerable. This creates a serious problem, Apple A1175 battery user for many of the basic knowledge of network security do not understand, or even the meaning can be said that security is low. Because in their minds is white without any problems, and like a man holding a gold bar to take to the streets, not only did not hide, but also around to show off that I am no one can take away gold bars, so that the result of natural Needless to say ... ... "Hardships for the worst." Perhaps the best explanation for this problem!

Second, the surge in the number of users and high-value line

If only the poor user security awareness, the MacOS is still not fully reflect the security risks. After all, this fruit powder awareness of their children is not a day for two days. However, increasing the number of fruit powder, so the problem has been exacerbated by poor security. Hacking contest two winners Pwn2Own • Charlie Miller, he said, Windows system, poor law and order as a city bustling metropolis of house doors and windows are locked, and inaccessible country MacOS system is like playing close the doors at night, although the attack less likely, but preventive measures are not perfect. With the growing number of users, for hackers, increasing the value of individual users. Up in the bustling village has continued to close the doors at night ... ... waiting for Apple A1185 battery users will be serious consequences!

Third, a serious vulnerability, and poor repair

The problem is actually with a similar problem, Apple A1175 battery this dreamer (please forgive me borrow "Pirates of the dream space" term) to the user who created a virtual and nice dreams, and in this dream of a totally implantable worried about malware and malicious attacks, double dream. But the dream itself, there is a huge loophole in fact, be the dreamer dreams of children's shoes seem to not care much about the patch, the intensity of each patch is not to dream too much. (Of course, now slowly improving), many Vian staff (hacker) is to kill them with Alice in Wonderland (user). Hacker dream, if successful, users of natural broken dreams, or into chaos!

Fourth, lack of safety facilities

Actually, this is not to say that there is no security software Apple A1189 battery platform, but many people do not know it. This is another question 1 after-effects. Whenever I show off with friends in the new Mac version of Kaspersky is installed, when there are 10 friends do not know Kabbah 9 out of this system security software based on Mac, 7 people think that there is no need to install security software , White does not love poisoning. 4 people think white is invincible, and I had Waste of money! In this regard I can only sigh: ~ poor safety awareness contributed to this Asus A42-A6 battery ignorance ... ...

Fifth, the rapid evolution of malicious programs

Again borrowing a security report of the data types of malicious programs care about the rate of daily increase in the 4W. Mac-based account for the development of a new virus hundreds of them. If we allow Mac users to see this, certainly was another inspired ... ... but they do not know the facts of a terrorist ... ... windows system upgrade malicious program is compatible with Mac systems gradually. This time there are good movies watched: When a friend's Apple A1189 battery X86 fruit powder to the computer copy the film back into the beloved white when, suddenly in the AV or U disk virus Terminator ... ... the shoes of this fruit powder When the expression will be very interesting ... ... the face of such problems, you can only go to look at their security software installed libraries are also compatible with dual-virus system!

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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Top Ten Most Anticipated of 2011 IT products

Dec. 21 news, 2010, is on the technology enthusiasts happy year. We see the unexpected success of Microsoft Kinect the third edition of game controllers and the Amazon Kindle e-reader, tablet PCs and Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, and smart phones iPhone4 and Nexus S.

2011, there will be more cool products, such as an array of tablet PCs, a new computer technology. U.S. technology blog site businessinsider lists next year's 10 most anticipated products including Apple A1189 battery and Apple A1175 battery, the following is list:

1, Nintendo 3DS

May 2010, Nintendo released the E3 game show in the next generation of DS portable game consoles, installing 3D display, other features include an image comparable to today's game, Wi-FI connection and can take 3D pictures of the camera . 3DS will be held in March in the U.S., the price is about 300 dollars.

2, RIM Playbook

RIM will launch early next year, the competition iPad product Playbook, from less than 400 dollars.

3, the Motorola Android Tablet PC

Andy Rubin, director of Google Android (Andy Rubin), held this month D: Dive Into Mobile conference shows running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Motorola Tablet PC systems.

4, Google social networking (name unknown)

Google launched a Facebook for even more secret project.

5, the Sony PSP mobile phone

The product may be too small too late, but Sony's last chance to challenge iPhone expected next year.

6, HP Tablet PC Palm

Since HP's acquisition of Palm, the company has promised to use Palm's WebOS system introduced killer Tablet PC, the device reportedly codenamed Topaz, in the first half of next year.

7, Verizon version of iPhone

If you have a chance, 23% of U.S. iPhone users go to Verizon, the version of iPhone may be launched next March.

8, iPad 2

Apple may launch next spring iPad 2, the possible changes include front and rear camera, Facetime video phone and the price of less than 200 dollars.

9, Chrome Notebook

Google Chrome OS system may be installed next year, Acer and Samsung in the notebook.

10, Light Peak Technical Mac computers

The first half of next year, will launch the next generation of Apple Laptop Battery Mac computers, will be installed in the Light Peak of Intel technology, data transmission speeds up to 10Gbps, compared with the upcoming USB 3.0 standard is even higher 1 times, can be transmitted within 30 seconds of a Ministry of the full Blu-ray movies.

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Friday, 24 December 2010

Yahoo replaced Google as the most popular U.S. website

December 24 evening news, the latest data research company comScore, in November of this year, Yahoo replaced Google as the most popular U.S. website. This is the first time since Yahoo's go-ahead from August Google.

comScore data show that in November this year, Yahoo's unique visitors, 1.81 million, topped the list. Instead, Google is 179 million, ranking second. Yahoo from August to October has been ranked Google, the November Zeyi 2.2 million unique visitors victory over Google. Microsoft is 176 million, ranking third. Facebook Fourth, the unique visitors of 1.52 million. AOL fifth, unique visitors, 1.14 million.

In recent months, Yahoo and Google's unique visitors nearly as much. October, Google's unique visitors, 1.81 million, while Yahoo's 1.80 billion. And 11 months, Yahoo has surpassed Google.

In terms of discounts website, buy website Groupon unique visitors reached 10 million, growth of 54%. CouponCabin second, unique visitors to 8.8 million, growth of 400%. Coupons third, unique visitors to 640 million. Fourth, the unique visitors to 5.4 million, growth of nearly 1,000%. Fifth, the unique visitors of 500 million, growth of 20%.

In terms of retail sites, Amazon ranking, Nov. unique visitors to 84 million, growth of 4%. Wal-Mart ranked second, unique visitors to 51.8 million, growth of 44%. Apple third, unique visitors to 40.3 million. Target Fourth, the unique visitors to 39.8 million, while the fifth Best Buy.

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Sunday, 19 December 2010

FCC new regulations will expand the network traffic monitor voting on Tuesday

U.S. Federal Communications Commission (hereinafter referred to as "FCC") will be held Tuesday for "network neutrality" votes held, may introduce new regulatory rules.

This provision would prohibit Comcast, Verizon Communications and other high-speed Internet service providers block legitimate traffic on its network, will consider their demands of network congestion control, it is possible for users according to Internet usage charges.

Analysts said, FCC Chairman Julius Sige Na Koski (Julius Genachowski) the proposal is likely to get the support of two Democratic Party members.

Can not come to agreement, FCC sometimes certain matters on the agenda would be canceled. But observers believe that the Democratic Party members, Michael Kirby, Phillips (Michael Copps) and Byrne (Mignon Clyburn) attitude is imperfect does not provide better than the provisions. Kepu Si carriers want FCC to take on a more stringent regulatory Laptop battery measures, and the re-classification of Internet traffic; Cleveland Byrne said, so that Internet service providers in the wireless network traffic management, with greater freedom than wired networks that she was very upset.

Republican FCC members said in the hope that Internet traffic is not regulated.

Former FCC officials, brokerage Stifel Nicolaus analyst Prendergast (Rebecca Arbogast) said: "But I still think they will introduce a Laptop battery requirement."

Internet service providers that take into account the interests of all users, they should have the right to freedom of managing their own networks; but Internet content providers fear that this may cause the user to visit certain Web sites have been interference, there may inhibit competition. If Internet service providers are allowed to control traffic on their networks, it is possible to use this advantage in the areas of video content, and use its network to provide similar services to competing Internet content providers.

Previously, Netflix for online video sites to provide content delivery network services to communications companies Level 3 Communications denounced Comcast, said the latter charge was unfair to its cost, it will only allow the video content distribution network to Comcast users.

This year in April, an appeals court said, FCC no right to prohibit Comcast to stop take a lot of bandwidth services. The agency's Internet monitoring capabilities have been questioned. Although senior FCC officials said it would use Comcast case law has not been used, but this legislation is likely to be challenged in the legal level.

Wagner Koski suggested, in view of the wireless Internet is still at an early stage of development, Internet service providers should be given greater freedom to manage network traffic. There was support for the Laptop battery proposal Wagner Koski part on the wireless network, said the limited bandwidth of wireless networks need to download movies from the phone to provide support, including all services.

The key is, BlackBerry, iPhone and other handheld devices, how fast can receive video and other data intensive content.

Some critics say the proposal Wagner Koski gave too much power to Internet service providers, may damage the interests of consumers, stifle innovation, and irreversibly split the Internet, contrary to the Internet "open" concept.

December 10, more than 80 organizations jointly sent a letter to FCC, Wagner said the proposal is not really consistent with Koski "network neutrality" principles. To ban Internet service providers who set up payment priority service, which allows some sites pay a fee to the operator to get faster Internet access speed. Non-profit organizations, senior vice president of Media Access Project, policy director Boltzmann (Andrew Jay Schwartzman) said: "The priority service payment is likely to provoke strong opposition."

Macro-policy research firm Medley Global Advisors analyst Jeffrey Silva (Jeffrey Silva) said Kepu Si and is likely to vote for Bern Klee Wagner Koski's proposal, but he also pointed out that the new regulatory rules inadequacies.

FCC members are modifying the final proposal, the details of the draft has not yet made public. Silva is expected to eventually Wagner Koski proposal will make the contents of the 1st of this month is very close, so as not to irritate the current support of his Internet businesses. Arbogast said the more stringent regulatory measures would arouse discontent of these enterprises, and led to new regulations in Laptop battery court, was AT & T and other wireless carriers and cable companies even more serious challenge.

Schwarzman said that any unhappy people will sue. "I expect, FCC will be subject to various challenges, both those who feel the new regulations were too radical, there are those who think it is too conservative."

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Yahoo began to lay off 650 on Tuesday

Yahoo on Tuesday launched the first cuts, the largest number reached 650.

The layoff comes Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz (Carol Bartz) through a variety of measures to cut costs, improve Yahoo's online advertising business occasion. Yahoo has begun in recent years, several rounds of layoffs.

Yahoo spokeswoman declined to comment.

Informed sources said that this product sector job cuts mainly for Yahoo to start accounting for the largest number of 5% of the total number of Yahoo employees. Yahoo departments responsible for product design and development of consumer and advertising services, and its head was 8 months ago from Microsoft switched to Yahoo's Blake Irving (Blake Irving).

As of the end of October, Yahoo has 14,100 employees.

Bartz is trying to revive Yahoo, the company had gone through years of bureaucratic and lack of innovation. Yahoo's failure to use social networking opportunities, in the search war, also lost to Google.

To cut costs, Bartz Yahoo search engine and its associated advertising system outsourced to former rival Microsoft. She also co-operating with third-party companies Yahoo, appointments, recruitment and real estate business in Dell xps M1530 battery and Dell xps m1730 battery. At the same time, Bartz also trying to increase the contribution of editors and invited amateur way to strengthen Yahoo's news media advantage.

Yahoo has been in charge of the helm nearly two years Bartz faces investor pressure, it needs to produce results as soon as possible. But she has repeatedly stressed that the company made significant progress, you need to spend some time.

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Monday, 6 December 2010

Sliding full keyboard Android phone on sale

With several models use Android system, Motorola once again become the focus of a consumer company. And today, but also a model system using the Android officially on sale, that Motorola XT300 (parameter forum software). The current machine (licensed) in the dealer price is 1850 yuan at the latest, licensed accessories complete.

From the exterior, the Motorola XT300 very easy for us to think of another model - Palm Pre. Under the slider and candy bar and did not use much of the screen, so it is very small, frosted material holding the body also make it very superior grip. Positive for a 3.0-inch 240 × 320 pixel resolution capacitive touch screen. XT300 uses a Motorola Android 2.1 smartphone operating system, software resources. Manipulation, Motorola XT300 has natural advantages are, apart from other touch operation, the drop-down slide full keyboard can also be used to operate the entity. Moreover, there is a Motorola XT300 navigation touchpad on the back. Back of the fuselage also incorporates a 3.2 million pixel camera.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Microsoft's revenue model start smart phone patent


Software revenue is no longer the only company in the market revenue source. "Recently, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith (BradSmith), said the company still hopes WP7 platform to great success, one way is through the relevant patent licensing program to stimulate sales. This seems to lead to similar high-pass --- proud of the profit model royalty income. But some analysts believe that the field of Qualcomm CDMA dominated in each of the patents are very critical, and high-pass output of the patent itself is mostly outside. wishful thinking and Microsoft fight mainly for the smart phone market, and from the current situation, this is not an orderly and peaceful in the market.

To open up the Nuggets Road

Not long ago, Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm chairman and chief executive officer (PaulJacobs) during his visit to the media revealed that Qualcomm was founded in the early stage of patent fees originally just to help fund the company's normal laptop battery operation, but no Now think of the company has become the main source of cash income.

And Qualcomm's "unintentional positive outcomes," not the same as the operation of the new Microsoft in smart phone operating system WP7, the initiative to move profits from the brains of patent fees, the specific method is to lower the number of mobile phone manufacturers software charges at Taiwan (Microsoft has been the main profit model), the collection belongs to Microsoft, the manufacturer again, and involved in these smart phones royalties.

Smith did not reveal this part of the expected revenue and size, only revealed to be less than the current lower short-term mobile phone manufacturers to use software costs paid by WP7. But he also said that licensing revenues will eventually exceed W P7 software revenue.

In particular, he mentioned the HTC (HTC) case, that Microsoft has with the relevant agreement reached HTC, "in patent licensing, we have an open mind."

In addition to the patent is not chaos

It is understood that most of the cost of mobile phone about 20 dollars in royalties, most of which are high-pass all. The reason why Microsoft's own "patent revenue strategy," full of confidence, mainly due to the field in the current smart phones, Microsoft and Apple has most of the patents.

Because of this, Microsoft is also moving Android, Symbian smart phones on other platforms such brains. "In addition to WP7 platform itself, Microsoft also hopes a large number of smart phone-related patents to Dell BATEL80L9 battery profit." Smith outspoken.

But the current market environment is not immediately appear to "meet" the needs of Microsoft. Microsoft sued Motorola, Oracle sued Google, Nokia sued Apple, Apple sued HTC, HTC, Apple sued in turn, can be described as chaotic scene. More critical is that almost all of these long-standing patent disputes, the result foreseeable future.

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