Friday, 28 January 2011

Apple's next quarter profits will exceed Microsoft

Apple news:

January 28 morning, according to technology blog TechCrunch, Apple last May and October in a series of indicators of market capitalization and revenue beyond the two old rivals Microsoft. In the most recent quarter, although still slightly lower than Apple's profit company, but Apple is expected next quarter will surpass Microsoft as the technology company full market capitalization, revenue and profit of the king.

Microsoft's latest quarterly profit was 66.3 billion, while Apple's profit of $ 6,000,000,000 over the same period. The reason for this is that Microsoft sells high-margin software and Apple sells a relatively low-margin hardware.

Apple's most recent quarter, a record profit of $ 6,000,000,000 of its history the most, than the previous record high of 1.7 billion. And Microsoft over the same period a profit of 6.63 billion U.S. dollars, 0.4% compared to last year. Despite Microsoft's profit chain has been growing Laptop battery, but the growth rate has been lower than the apple. Microsoft quarterly profit chain grew by about 1.2 billion.

A quarter is due to the recent holiday season, both companies reported the best performance out of the year, so the next quarter should have declined. But trends, Microsoft is the magnitude of decline in performance should be greater than Apple.

Apple revenue than Microsoft is the first time in 10 months, the rate was more than 40 billion U.S. dollars. In a recent quarter, the gap between the two companies to expand sales to nearly 70 billion dollars. Apple's market capitalization is now about 700 higher than Microsoft's billion.

Apple's profit higher than the last time Microsoft also dates back to 1990. Was entirely different picture. Microsoft had just released Windows 3.0, and Apple is working to develop System 7. Microsoft was just like a rising star, while Apple was in decline.

As the years change, the old enemy in the next quarter may have to switch roles again.

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Friday, 21 January 2011

AMD executives optimistic about development opportunities on Tablet PC market

AMD executives on Thursday's earnings conference call that optimistic about the Tablet PC market. AMD executives view the current ratio of the market before AMD CEO Dirk Meyer (Dirk Meyer) is more optimistic.

AMD on Thursday reported a fourth quarter non-US GAAP earnings per share were 14 cents, above analysts average estimate of 11 cents. Revenue of 11.8 billion U.S. dollars, unchanged. On Thursday afternoon in the earnings conference call, analysts asked to AMD executives views on the Tablet PC market.

AMD senior vice president and general manager Rick Bergman (Rick Bergman), said, AMD said that the new "Brazos" design will get a chance in the Tablet PC Laptop battery market. This design is currently being applied Hewlett-Packard and Sony in small notebooks and netbooks. The different views and Dirk Meyer, Dirk Meyer, previously of the Tablet PC market is not good.

Bergman said: "I have worked in the PC Laptop battery industry over 20 years, PC users in the living room into the process very difficult. The Tablet PC is found in this way." He also said: "As consumers start using the Tablet PC they will need better end-user experience, including processing power, and excellent pictures and video. by Brazos, we have some opportunities to win. As we develop new products in this area, we will use this trends and market opportunities. "

AMD Acting CEO Thomas Seifert said: "Look at our product road map, and release our products in the Brazos above, can be found if we continue to develop low-power, graphics performance and processing power while more products, we can apply in addition to areas other than the current market. "

For Tablet PC notebook markets, Bergman said: "In our discussions with OEM partners, we found no deterioration in the notebook market. All the effects are in the forecast range." Bergman also talked about Intel's Sandy Bridge processors in Apple A1189 battery and Apple A1175 battery, this new Intel processor, integrated graphics technology. He said: "In the United States International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) before the start of the news that Sandy Bridge have strong graphics capabilities. But in practice, after the evaluation, Sandy Bridge and between the graphics card we offer is still there large gap. "

Pacific Coast is about the plight of AMD in the server market. He said: "We are in the fourth quarter disappointed the market's performance. In this area, we believe that there is a great upgrade potential."

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Israel's worm Test to attack Iran's nuclear facilities

According to "The New York Times" reported on Saturday that Israel had tested a computer worm, and the suspected Iranian nuclear facilities have been destroyed within the centrifuge, thereby slowing the speed of its development of nuclear weapons.

"The New York Times" said the project is developed in cooperation between Israel and the United States to undermine Iran's nuclear program. This destructive worm named Stuxnet, the last two years has been the Negev (Negev) desert, the heavily guarded secret Dimona nuclear facility were tested.

"The New York Times" quoted unnamed familiar with Dimona's intelligence and military experts as saying that Israel has the speed of the centrifuge was adjusted to almost Natanz (Natanz) nuclear facilities consistent. Iranian scientists are using the latter to carry out uranium enrichment activities.

"To debug the worm, you have to understand the device. The reason why the worm has entered into force because Israel tried." An American nuclear intelligence experts say.

Western leaders have suggested the name of Iran's nuclear program to secretly develop nuclear weapons, but Tehran says its purpose is the development of nuclear power Laptop battery.

Since the 2007 and 2008 were years of rapid expansion of its uranium enrichment program after the failure of Iran's centrifuge many times, security experts doubt that the project has become a Stuxnet targets, these attacks are supported by some countries.

Last November, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) said that this malicious software has some uranium enrichment centrifuges to Iran created a "problem", but he said the problem has been resolved.

"The New York Times" said the worm is the most sophisticated network of weapons ever, and seems to have become an obstacle to the development of Iran's nuclear program, the biggest factor. Sources said the newspaper, this worm can cause uncontrolled madness centrifuge rotation Laptop battery, of which one fifth have been completely destroyed.

"The New York Times" added, it is unclear whether the attack is over, and some experts believe, Stuxnet version of the code to include more and attack the seeds.

Retiring head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad of Gan (Meir Dagan) said recently that Iran's nuclear program has been postponed, the Iranian government at least until 2015 in order to manufacture a nuclear bomb. Including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton), including U.S. officials have not questioned Dagan's point of view in Dell laptop battery and Fujitsu laptop battery.

Gan no mention of Clinton and Stuxnet or other possible network of nuclear facilities against Iran war.

Israel had for about a nuclear Iran warned by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Benjamin Netanyahu) has said that only military action can stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.

Is widely speculated that Israel's own nuclear reactor in Dimona has produced more than 200 nuclear warheads, but the country has been taken on the Hp laptop battery matter, "ambiguous," the official policy. Iran's uranium enrichment program could hinder the search for the Iranian nuclear issue and create more time for diplomatic solutions.

"The New York Times" said the United States and Israeli officials have refused to publish an official comment on the worm.

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Rate of personal computers purchased in 2011 will decline 39%

U.S. consulting firm Accenture (Accenture) to a new survey released Monday shows that in 2011, is expected to personal computers and mobile phones (not including smart phones) and purchase rate will be decreased by 39% and 56%.

In sharp contrast to the 3D TV (three-dimensional television) the purchase rate will increase 5 times, 1.6 times the Tablet PC, e-book reader is 1.33 times, and 26% of smart phones.

The company's annual survey focused on the consumer for 19 different consumer electronics products, the use and spending, which more than 8,000 respondents from eight emerging markets and developed economies, namely Brazil, China, India, Russia, France, Germany, Japan and the United States.

Emerging economies, the survey respondents represent a metropolitan consumer groups, rather than all consumers in the country.

The survey also found that only 17% of respondents plan to purchase in 2011 desktop or notebook computers, fell 39% compared with 2010.

Based on this trend, the survey, in 2010, 75% of U.S. respondents each week through a computer e-mail, down 80% over the previous year.

The study also showed that respondents are increasingly using multiple devices (such as the Tablet PC) for previously only on a personal computer to complete the activities.

For example, 40% of respondents from the Tablet PC Laptop battery at least a week to send a e-mail.

In addition to handling e-mail, the respondents also used the Tablet PC Laptop battery browsing the web, watch videos and read books, newspapers and magazines.

Accenture South Africa, senior director of electronic and high-tech business Mark Joseph (MarkJoseph) said: "This study raises the question: In the long run, the user home desktop and notebook computers will gradually be updated technologies products (such as tablet Laptop battery PCs, the Internet, smart phones and e-book reader) to replace. "

"If sales to measure the strength of this trend, then the computer will remain for a long time to maintain its strong consumer technology giant's throne."

Joseph said the study found that 93% of respondents have a computer, this proportion is much higher than any other in the survey technology products.

"However, if growth is measured, then the personal computer market (at least in the consumer level) is already saturated, so growth in this area will continue to decline. For now we know, home PC Laptop battery is over the possibility of more to the greater. "

The study also found that mobile phone ownership rate from 79% in 2009 to 65% in 2010. Meanwhile, the smart phone ownership rate has quadrupled, jumped from 8% to 32%.

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Friday, 7 January 2011

U.S. investors sought facebook

Lubbe Wang wrote: extent from enthusiastic investors to know the Americans in hot pursuit of Facebook.

January 6, Goldman Sachs announced an investment in Facebook is only for three days, for one billion U.S. dollars investment in Facebook, a special fund has been ordered for a blank.

According to foreign media reports: Goldman Sachs, one investor said Goldman Sachs has received billions of dollars from investors to subscribe for the request, the subscription active, Goldman Sachs has decided to stop at the January 5 issue of Facebook investment fund laptop battery work. Meanwhile, over-subscribed, successful investors have already subscribed, you may only get a small part of the subscription amount.

These investors signed a confidentiality agreement with Goldman Sachs, according to a confidentiality agreement, can not reveal details.

Lubbe Wang said that the final success is not all investors can purchase. As a huge demand, subscription of 300 million U.S. dollars will not be accepted, customers have been placing the final amount will be far less than the actual subscription amount; subscription successful, may not be sold in 2013.

Lubbe Wang said: Goldman Sachs has been making money. Goldman Sachs, investors will receive 4% of pre-transaction laptop battery fees, and any future earnings of 5%. Xie Wen that can make at least three of Goldman Sachs money, investment income after the listing of cash, this round of investment transaction fees, and possible future public offering underwriting Facebook issuance costs.

Lubbe hope that: After a round of cooperation, Goldman Sachs has made an initial public offering underwriting Facebook priority.


Monday, 3 January 2011

LCD TV Konka 42GS80DC Review

Listed earlier LCD TV Konka 42GS80DC Although positioning is not high, but not so reduces the overall display screen, especially in hard-screen Full HD IPS is effectively improved by adding more dynamic picture of the tailing phenomenon. Another powerful streaming media capabilities can help users achieve a variety of laptop battery video playback, the current 4,199 yuan LCD TV Konka 42GS80DC low sales, like a friend may wish to consider.

In terms of performance, full-screen high-definition hard-IPS engine technology and sports to join to help improve LCD TV Konka 42GS80DC a dynamic picture of the tailing phenomenon, and the addition of ultra-decoding technology is to meet the user from the RM to H.264 format Video file playback.

In appearance, the Konka 42GS80DC Bright LCD TV appearance of the injection molding process using streamer, the border can change with the light and change the angle, can show a burgundy and dark purple, fashion, look more beautiful urban style, more for young people attractive.

In the interface area, Konka 42GS80DC LCD TV appearance with all major interfaces, USB interfaces, HDMI, composite, component interfaces, AV interfaces, VGA interfaces, s-video port, and headphone jack, rational design, while meeting the user wall TV use of the interface design is quite user-friendly.


Size Type TV series 1080p Series

42-inch screen size

Screen ratio 16:9

Resolution of 1920 × 1080

Does HD 1080p/1080i/720p

Backlight CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp types

Hard-screen LCD panel IPS

Time to market in February 2009

Reflective audio performance with built-in speakers with an independent vacuum chamber system

Five-band laptop battery equalizer

Independence chamber of reflection

Wisdom of the engine performance characteristics

Campaign Engine

Energy-saving engine

Intelligent backlight adjustment

H.264 Full HD Jieba

Support RM / RMVB decoder

Digital Photo Frame

Source Editor

Still image

Splendid News


Input terminals 2 × HDMI 1.3 Deep Color Technology

2 × USB 2.0

1 × VGA

2 × YPbPr

3 × AV input

1 × S-Video

1 × PC Audio

Output terminal 1 × AV output

1 × headphone output

Bright Black Designs

Edit Comment: Konka 42GS80DC Full HD LCD TV In addition to adding a hard screen and motion IPS engine technology to enhance the dynamic picture display, the powerful entertainment features equally user attention, particularly powerful streaming media playback is satisfied user demand for laptop battery video playback, the current store selling LCD TV Konka 42GS80DC, interested friends not to miss the opportunity.

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