Monday, 28 March 2011

Microsoft After a decade of adjustment is a new company

March 28 pm news, Microsoft's senior vice president of global Ya-Qin Zhang to attend IT leaders today spoke of the summit, although when people talk about Microsoft, Windows, and will be referred to Office, but Microsoft has done a lot over the past decade adjustment, is already a new company.

The following is the text Record:

Ya-Qin Zhang: Now a lot of people talked about Microsoft, will be referred to our client's windows, office, Microsoft is basically a decade ago, in fact, Microsoft has done a lot over the last decade of adjustment.

Cloud took the morning to do a particularly good overview. I looked in the direction Microsoft is taking, intelligent terminals, natural user interface, the interface used in the game, although China is not selling the game, Kinect 4 months out of more than 1,000 million units sold, creating a very good performance. This is the kind of economic experience.

There is little knowledge to the entire IT business model into a software license from the software as a service, not software as a product will disappear, and more room for his service as a hardware on the inside, we now have all the strategies the company around the N-screen with new natural interface. Am talking about is an old Microsoft, and Microsoft do not just windows on the client, we also went to the top office.

I think Microsoft has a new company, we not only in the past is a leader in PC era, the past few decades has created many opportunities for windows, a new era of hope and greater awareness of enterprises to change it.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Halving the number of MySpace users around the world

Internet Data ComSCore has released the latest statistics show that during the month of the year in January -2, social networking site MySpace's Panasonic laptop battery users worldwide continues to decline, as at the end of February, the global number of users dropped by about 50%.

Data show that during the month of January -2, MySpace users around the world fell from 7300 million to 6300 million, the chain has fallen by 14.4%.

After the news, MySpace parent News Corp. is considering the sale of Panasonic laptop battery MySpace, and potential buyers have been preliminary talks. January of this year, MySpace also said the company laid off 500 people, which is equivalent to 47% of its workforce.

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Toshiba, Hitachi LCD panel plant will be discontinued one month

Toshiba, Hit

Japan's earthquake on the global impact of various industries has not all appear. According to Nikkei, Reuters, Bloomberg and other news agency reported that Japanese enterprises are caught in the LCD panel plant shutdown, the LCD panel shortage may be inevitable.

Matsushita spokesman said it is located in Chiba, Japan, the former city of Mao LCD panel plant suffered some losses, but "no fire or building collapse phenomenon." Panasonic has not been able to determine when the plant resumed production, To avoid panel in short supply, Matsushita will increase the market in western Japan, Himeji mill shipments to meet demand.

In contrast, Toshiba laptop battery and Hitachi panel plant damage may be more serious. Toshiba laptop battery said its valley is located in the city of Saitama panel plant will be closed a month or so, near Tokyo, another production line will stop production for maintenance. Hitachi is the same, its for the Nintendo DS handheld and the Lg laptop battery phone offers a panel plant will stop production with, or longer.

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

HP denies the PC business to Samsung

March 11, according to foreign media reports, Hp laptop battery issued a statement today, denying that it will sell the PC business of Samsung laptop battery Electronics, also said the company's overall PC business is the core product strategy.

HP may be considered on the PC business to the news of Samsung Electronics, Hewlett-Packard officials immediately responded. Hp laptop battery Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Bill Waller (Bill Wohl) said in a statement, before the spread of market rumors are unfounded, but also unreasonable. HP strongly condemned the deliberate spreading rumors people.

Waller said that Taiwan is irresponsible media reports, is completely unfounded market rumors and speculation. HP operates the world's largest PC business, which is part of the business strategy for HP's networking core part of the world.

From an objective, the sale of PC business and HP CEO Awa Turk recent statement is not consistent. Awa Turk told the media that not only will the newly acquired HP WebOS operating system application to the field of smart phones and tablet PCs, and from next year, all HP desktop and notebook computers will use the operating system. HP will create a huge fight WebOS platform, the platform will attract a large number of application software developers for software development.

Hp laptop battery to enter the smartphone market if the purpose is to challenge Samsung laptop battery's iPhone and Google Android platform-based smartphone, then such a large developer community will have very important significance.

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Thursday, 3 March 2011

iPad 2 release induced that Motorola Mobile shares down 5.64%

Since the new Apple iPad praised by the industry, Motorola Mobile shares fell 5.64% on Thursday.

Nasdaq in regular trading Thursday, Motorola Mobile shares closed at $ 26.78, down $ 1.60 compared with the previous session, falling 5.64%. Apple A1185 battery and Apple A1175 battery stock rose 2.11% that day.

Apple iPad 2 on the second day of release, the U.S. investment firm Cowen & Co. Upgraded the stock from "outperform" (Outperform) down to "neutral" (Neutral).

Cowen & Co. Investment Report analyst Matthew Hoffman said: "With Xoom Motorola Mobile narrow window of opportunity to establish the speed seems faster than expected, because in the United States next week, Apple iPad 2 the price most are low at Xoom, and function are also stronger than expected. "

Hoffman said that as the community's first Android Xoom is a powerful product, so he expects the product will remain in the Android system / find the hard-core supporters of the ecosystem.

But he also believes that "thin and cheap" iPad "Xoom makes us less optimistic about the prospects for the short term."

U.S. investment firm MKM Partners analyst (Tero Kuittinen) provides a different perspective, and that can rely on Motorola's mobile dual-core processor and the Honeycomb (Android 3.0) system, tablet PC market to expand well.

Ku Dining, said Motorola will also be moving into the second half of 2011 quad-core tablet PC as Apple A1175 battery and Apple A1189 battery and mobile phone pioneer.

"Thanks to a variety of factors and the development of international markets, we believe the opportunity in 2011, Motorola sold more than 400 million tablets." He wrote.

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