Tuesday, 26 April 2011

American consumers sue Apple Stock collect personal location information

April 26, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. consumer Vikram Ajjampur and William Devito Monday in central Florida, U.S. District Court lawsuit against Apple without permission tracking millions of Americans have given cause irreparable harm to the user and continue to cause such damage.

Ajjampur and Devito said to allow Apple laptop battery to continue the illegal and unauthorized tracking of the plaintiff and class members is unreasonable. They need this upgraded to a class action lawsuit status.

In the interpretation of the now well-known operating system for Apple laptop battery iOS 4 and stored after the user location information statement, the complaint that Apple surreptitiously collect location information in violation of the law.

The lawsuit said the plaintiffs, the Apple laptop battery location tracking information is intrusive and dangerous. In many cases, this information for employers and their spouses are confidential. Visit the Apple collection of this information is not encrypted so that users may face serious risk of privacy violations, including harassment of others risk.

Ajjampur and Devito said they think this track is an offense. They asked the court to ban Apple laptop battery's collection of this information and ask Apple to pay damages and legal fees cost.

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Samsung, LG executives reflect weakness in China

Both appeared before the media the first time the new president of Samsung laptop battery Electronics in Greater China Kim Young-summer, or promoted to director of Lg laptop battery Electronics in Greater China in his early year, Zhao Feng, a recent interview with this reporter when they invariably reflect the South Korean enterprises in the the soft underbelly of the Chinese market be improved channel layout, high-end market, domestic brands face challenges.

Samsung Electronics President Kim Young-summer Greater interviewed disclosed that Samsung laptop battery Electronics in 2010 in the Chinese market turnover of 39.6 billion, accounting for 29% of global market share. However, this does not mean that the Samsung does not exist in the Chinese market weakness. Kim Young Xiatan words: "At present, Samsung Electronics products in China's rural market does not have any advantage at all."

Kim Young-summer is also that, while Samsung laptop battery's color TV products and digital products, outstanding performance, but air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, white goods, represented by Samsung is still the soft underbelly.

Another Korean giant LG Electronics in Greater China Enterprise Directors Zhao Feng said: "We have to grasp the needs of consumers, consumer lifestyles and habits, we must take up these and grafting techniques, it may be in the market place" .

Faced with this dilemma, two South Korean giants have focused their eyes on a "smart appliances" as the representative of the new technology products and to a considerable increment of the largest rural market characteristics.

Development of rural market

Summer said Kim Young, smart TV, smart phones, smart appliances, digital cameras, IT solutions, Samsung laptop battery will be the focus of China's strategy in 2011.

At the same time, Samsung also recently announced the Oriental Media Group's flagship BesTV new media companies, and Sina, TOM Group and other authoritative content providers formed a strategic alliance to jointly construct a new TV industry ecosystem .

LG believes that this year will be the first year of the smart TV, LG, about 40% of the model for the smart TV, the next will gradually spread until all the products covered. In content, Lg laptop battery has been reached with China the number of media partnerships, becoming the first new media content and technology leading service provider to achieve the strategic co-operation of foreign TV brands.

Summer said Kim Young, Samsung laptop battery Electronics is also developing products for China's rural market, the layout of the channel, the Kim Young-summer, said the future focus will gradually be shifted to smaller cities and rural markets, "we in the rural market has been constantly extending our of the network laid. "

Zhao Feng, told this reporter, Lg laptop battery had the layout of the channels and local distribution channels are to cooperate closely, "but this strategy may be reflected in the twelve major cities, so Lg laptop battery could consider the creation of three or four markets a small amount of The LG brand stores, to expand the LG products in the corresponding region of influence. "

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

4G war started: Ericsson sued ZTE

April 7 news recently, Ericsson in the UK, Italy, Germany, the ZTE also filed three lawsuits, claiming violations of the Ericsson ZTE GSM / WCDMA part of the patent, in addition to claim compensation, but also requires three ZTE mobile phone sales ban . ZTE also conducted on the response to this matter, saying that Ericsson is "patent threats."

It is reported that ZTE and Ericsson on the GSM / WCDMA has been off patent disputes, negotiations lasted four years. March 28, ZTE and Ericsson both in Shenzhen, the senior who had a communication on the patent negotiations, although there are still differences, but in most negotiations have reached a consensus on the laptop battery content.

But are only separated by three days, while Ericsson will sue the three to ZTE, and submitted the information up to dozens of pages of laptop battery prosecution. Ericsson, ZTE suspected premeditated aspect, is making "patent threats." ZTE has the Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO sexual interest for Ericsson invalid patent litigation in China.

Industry analysts believe that ZTE has Hi3G with its cooperation and yellow, then in Sweden and Denmark, building the world's first dual-mode 4G network, which greatly threaten the status of Ericsson in the 4G era.

The sudden change of face prosecution Ericsson ZTE ZTE its purpose is to slow down the pace of market development in Europe. Analysts said Ericsson ZTE terminal communications equipment by limiting access to the European market, thinking of the "Weiweijiuzhao" effect.

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