Friday, 27 May 2011

Computex2011 approaching


- COMPUTEX2011 Computex Taipei 2011 May 31-June 4, held in Taipei, as one of the three largest computer exhibition, attracting heavyweight from IT vendors around the globe, a variety of new technologies and new products will also be exposure at the show.


- June is the dividing line on the second half, but also to adjust the various vendors compete for the first half of steps to open the second half of the market, the key point, in a notebook Acer laptop battery, Apple laptop battery, Asus laptop battery,, we may wish to focus the attention put into the following areas:



- 1, AMD mainstream high-performance Llano APU would definitely be posted in the COMPUTEX2011, and Llano APU current exposure is not enough, the integrated graphics unit will no doubt stronger than the level of the SNB with Core Graphics, but the CPU How would the performance properties of it, there are even more concerned about how their power in the end, whether in the notebook market with a more powerful performance. In COMPUTEX2011 on, Llano's performance will largely determine the second half of the notebook processor market and market trends.

- Keywords: APU Llano power


- 2, intel Atom processor and a new generation of embedded applications: terms compared to AMD, intel has a large advantage, especially in the field of mobile platforms, but this advantage is narrowing. However, it is clear and will not hesitate to intel, the IDF2011 in April, people can easily find from the previous intel chips have been designed and manufactured to a platform over the strategic, financial and technical strength of the great people can not be overlooked. More recently launched a landmark "3D transistors", but also use it to build a new generation of Atom processors Acer laptop battery, Apple laptop battery, Asus laptop battery,, analysts had said before, with the intel process continues to improve, continue to lower power consumption, with the existing X86 platform will be a threat to the ARM camp.

- It can be seen, intel has the field of netbook and tablet PCs launched a comprehensive attack on the ARM camp. In addition, next year's Ivy Bridge and more next-generation 22nm manufacturing process have been presented in front of everyone.


- Keywords: Atom 22nm 3D transistor


- 3: MeeGo, Win8, Chrome battle operating systems and equipment


- MeeGo operating system is divided into two kinds of notebooks and tablet PCs, in IDF2011 already has a detailed report. The operation has also recently Windows8 fiery, has released several versions, Chrome Google Notebook is designed for notebook and made a cloud operating system, the eyes of some professionals in high regard, held a few days ago Google I / O conference is to be like the mess ... ... the three battle, but also present a major part in the field notebook.


- 4,3 D technology (the naked eye, non-naked eye, and a variety of)


- Also in IDF2011, the author witnessed SuperD alien in a notebook on the back of the set of equipment to achieve through the naked eye 3D effect, very alarming, but also revealed that staff the booth during the year there will be a mature product to the market, not the lack of such on the COMPUTEX2011, 3D device, although probably still do not see the maturity of the product launch, but in these days to see what progress they have is quite encouraging. If they even launched a sophisticated 3D notebook naked eye, it will undoubtedly become the most talked about this COMPUTEX products and technologies.


- 5, VIA VIA glue quad-core processor (better than APU E-350)


- VIA VIA native from Taiwan recently launched its own quad-core Acer laptop battery, Apple laptop battery, Asus laptop battery, processors Nano QuadCore L4700, is used together with two Nano X2 comes close, "glue" the road is the road traveled intel, it is understandable. Nano QuadCore L4700 compared to AMD E-350 APU can SYSMark 2007, CPUMark99, CineBench R10, EVEREST AES won, respectively, 5%, 28%, 100%, 1871%. If with a GeForce graphics card, even if the run "Crysis 2" can get acceptable frame rates. It will be on the COMPUTEX2011 further demonstration.

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Friday, 6 May 2011

Sony CEO Howard Stringer the first to apologize for PS Network hacking

According to foreign media reports, Sony laptop battery CEO Howard Stringer (Howard Stringer) today for the first time on the PlayStation network intrusion incident to the public apology. Meanwhile, the Sony spokesman said the company will be to those exposed in the event of personal information users provide identity theft monitoring services.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer, the PlayStation blog today published an open letter, the letter said, "As a company, we, including myself, to bring this incident to the general user apologize for the inconvenience and worry. Now Our professional team are Kazuo Hirai (Kazuo Hirai), under the leadership of our day and night to fully restore service to allow users around the world as soon as possible and safe re-use of these services. "

Sony laptop battery CEO Howard Stringer is the first public apology to the user. Previously, Sony responsible for the safety of the highest level of invasion has been the number two executive Kazuo Hirai. This allows the user was very curious why Sony CEO remained silent? Many users and members of Congress also issued a challenge: why Sony delayed so long to inform users that their personal information may be stolen? Stringer today responded to this letter.

"This issue was raised more reasonable." He wrote, "We were found hacked to immediately close the PlayStation Network and Qriocity music services, and employs some of the top in the field of technical experts to diagnose what is happening . I thought we would soon find out, but did not expect the technical analysis of the process is very complex, and particularly time-consuming. Furthermore, hackers are also trying to cover up their whereabouts. Our experts spend a lot of effort to found a big Some clues, and identify what personal information is stolen and what did not. "

Sony laptop battery spokesman Patrick - Hebbard (Patrick Seybold), wrote in his blog, Sony has contracted with Debix Identity Protection Company, prior to the event in the PlayStation Network or Qriocity up music offering free service called the United States AllClear ID Plus the identity theft monitoring services.

Stringer emphasized that Sony provides users with identity theft monitoring program includes a "value of $ 1,000,000 in identity theft insurance policy." In the next few days, the user can activate an e-mail they receive to participate in the program. Up time will be continued until June 18.

Sony laptop battery said the program is only for U.S. users, and it is considering for other countries and Qriocity PSN music service users with similar programs. However, Sony has not mentioned the stolen personal information as Sony Online Entertainment (Sony Online Entertainment) The user will also enjoy a similar plan.

Sony says they still do not know, who two weeks ago, orchestrated the "premeditated and technical content of the" attacks, and cause it to over 100 million users of data theft. Currently, the company is still working to fix their servers, so that music services PlayStation Network and Qriocity back online. Sony said today that the company has entered the "final stages of internal testing," will resume service shortly.

Sony said last week that they are brewing the user's way of compensation, but today, Sony did not release further information on this. Sony laptop battery last week said they will be affected by the attack in the Sony user identity theft monitoring services, in addition, they will also be available for download free of charge and 30 days of PlayStation Plus paid service. Qriocity music service users will also be a period of 30 days of free service.

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