Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Microsoft's revenue model start smart phone patent


Software revenue is no longer the only company in the market revenue source. "Recently, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith (BradSmith), said the company still hopes WP7 platform to great success, one way is through the relevant patent licensing program to stimulate sales. This seems to lead to similar high-pass --- proud of the profit model royalty income. But some analysts believe that the field of Qualcomm CDMA dominated in each of the patents are very critical, and high-pass output of the patent itself is mostly outside. wishful thinking and Microsoft fight mainly for the smart phone market, and from the current situation, this is not an orderly and peaceful in the market.

To open up the Nuggets Road

Not long ago, Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm chairman and chief executive officer (PaulJacobs) during his visit to the media revealed that Qualcomm was founded in the early stage of patent fees originally just to help fund the company's normal laptop battery operation, but no Now think of the company has become the main source of cash income.

And Qualcomm's "unintentional positive outcomes," not the same as the operation of the new Microsoft in smart phone operating system WP7, the initiative to move profits from the brains of patent fees, the specific method is to lower the number of mobile phone manufacturers software charges at Taiwan (Microsoft has been the main profit model), the collection belongs to Microsoft, the manufacturer again, and involved in these smart phones royalties.

Smith did not reveal this part of the expected revenue and size, only revealed to be less than the current lower short-term mobile phone manufacturers to use software costs paid by WP7. But he also said that licensing revenues will eventually exceed W P7 software revenue.

In particular, he mentioned the HTC (HTC) case, that Microsoft has with the relevant agreement reached HTC, "in patent licensing, we have an open mind."

In addition to the patent is not chaos

It is understood that most of the cost of mobile phone about 20 dollars in royalties, most of which are high-pass all. The reason why Microsoft's own "patent revenue strategy," full of confidence, mainly due to the field in the current smart phones, Microsoft and Apple has most of the patents.

Because of this, Microsoft is also moving Android, Symbian smart phones on other platforms such brains. "In addition to WP7 platform itself, Microsoft also hopes a large number of smart phone-related patents to Dell BATEL80L9 battery profit." Smith outspoken.

But the current market environment is not immediately appear to "meet" the needs of Microsoft. Microsoft sued Motorola, Oracle sued Google, Nokia sued Apple, Apple sued HTC, HTC, Apple sued in turn, can be described as chaotic scene. More critical is that almost all of these long-standing patent disputes, the result foreseeable future.

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