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Re-examine HP ZBook 15 Workstation Laptop review

Cellular phone workstations are featuring in a league of their own compared to consumer seminar or else even topic seminar notebooks. They are relatively great, overpriced, bulky and no matter which but minimalistic. However, we’d be present damned if they couldn’t catch demanding workloads finished rapidly and reliably.

The HP ZBook chain succeeds the admittedly crowded ProBook/EliteBook chain of workstations and starts afresh with a modern, simpler naming convention. We touched leading the ZBook 17 in-depth dead survive time and walked away quite impressed. The modern chain is supplementary than emphatically a trouble-free public figure swap; it’s additionally the nearly everyone overhauled iteration yet of an HP workstation.

Our HP laptop battery ZBook 15 featuring in re-examine continues this trend and is physically identical to its better brother as well as the bodywork material and feel of the the ivories. The type on dispense is equipped with a heart i7-4800MQ, 16 GB DDR3L RAM, Quadro K610M graphics, 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD + 32 GB SSD store and a 1080p demonstrate. Combined with its wide-reaching connectivity options, the ZBook 15 starts by the side of $1699 and can top $2999 retail. How well does the ZBook 15 get to your feet anti the likes of clearing and Lenovo featuring in the cellular phone workstation arena?

Legal action

Like the bigger ZBook 17, legal action quality is admirable all-around on the ZBook 15. The aluminum alloy lid and floor plate are rigid and command just warp minimally under moderate pressure. Resistance to twisting and ambiance are additionally admirable on the lid, foot and hinges, which is like to the EliteBook predecessors. Since the ZBook does not make use of a unibody design, a variety of areas like the inner demonstrate bezel and palm rests can feel plastic, but are otherwise thick and emphatically having the status of tough to the handle.

The engineering design of the type is surprisingly desirable on behalf of a cellular phone workstation and compares well anti clearing Precision models or else the Lenovo ThinkPad W chain, both of which incorporate boxier and in the main supplementary lackluster designs. HP laptop battery advertises its wedge design of the ZBook having the status of innovative and glossy, which isn’t saw much on behalf of a workstation, but is a sufficient amount to get to your feet unfashionable anti its duller competitors. The rubberized perimeter and edges of the lid, on behalf of exemplar, feel purely aesthetic, but notably adds to the appeal of the all-matte and jet black ZBook 15. HP has managed to build an aesthetically pleasurable workstation while outstanding relatively light (2.82 kg) and thinner (30.5 mm) than the ThinkPad W530 (2.81 kg,  36 mm) and Precision M7800 (3.18 kg, 40 mm).

A precise design catalog passed completed from the EliteBook is the not fixed screwless plate underneath on behalf of quick access to internals or else HDD deduction. According to HP, the screwless design was a scorching demand from users who possibly will not continuously maintain the appropriate tools game, so broad-spectrum upgrades are made much easier. It would maintain been inordinate to maintain the optical drive be present an without problems welcoming modular bay on behalf of even supplementary expandability, though this is a minor complaint.


Workstations in the main maintain the nearly everyone connectivity options to be had featuring in a notebook and the ZBook 15 is rebuff exception. Both DisplayPort and Thunderport are to be had having the status of well having the status of a USB 2.0 docks and VGA-out on behalf of heritage support. Near are rebuff HDMI, Firewire or else eSATA ports, however, having the status of found on the Precision M4800 and ThinkPad W530, correspondingly. Near is a proprietary docking docks on behalf of other associations down the road.

Docks positioning is continuously tricky as soon as near are so many associations to labor with. On the HP laptop battery ZBook 15, ports are seemingly placed by the side of random on three of the four sides. We would maintain liked on behalf of particular of the ports to be present stimulated closer to the rear to save desk hole, especially the DisplayPort and Thunderbolt ports having the status of their respective cables watch over to be present thicker or else supplementary rigid than USB or else audio cables. The to be had SIM slot can just be present accessed behind leading removing the battery module underneath.

Both WLAN and WWAN are configurable on the ZBook 15 with support on behalf of SIM cards and UMTS/HSPA+. Our type is fitted with a dual-band (2x2) Intel Centrino 6235 having the status of found on a add up to of newer Ultrabooks like the Asus Zenbook Prime UX31 on behalf of WLAN speeds up to a imaginary 300 Mbps and an HP HS3110 WWAN PCI-e MiniCard on behalf of 3G connectivity with WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ or else EDGE/GPRDS/GSM networks. We had rebuff random drops or else connectivity issues with the WLAN or else GPS radios.

Data protection is premium on behalf of workstations, which is luckily single of HP’s dedicated points having the status of a macro IT topic. The ZBook 15 ships with a add up to of protecting software and hardware skin texture from its fingerprint scanner and Smart tag support to TPM 1.2 compliancy and Client Security programs from both HP and Intel. Away from the likely Kensington lock on behalf of anti-theft, the HP 3D DriveGuard software makes exploitation of an accelerometer to lower the menace of a solid drive president crash featuring in legal action of spray or else impacts.

Add-ons thrive on behalf of the ZBook 15, as well as generic docks replicators from HP and enthusiastic docking stations with the aim of become exploitation of the docking docks. The waterfront add a glut of associations as well as DVI, eSATA adapters, counterpart ports and sequential ports.

HP throws featuring in a 3-year warranty with sufficient of other options via their worry drove predetermine. Protection ranges from trouble-free warranty extensions to 24/7 revamp support.

The ivories
The backlit the ivories (35.25 cm x 11.5 cm) is identical to with the aim of of the ZBook 17 and performs similarly. The keys provide somewhat soft response with petite travel as soon as short of, but are otherwise receptive and at ease to exploitation. Supplementary in sequence on the ivories performance can be present seen featuring in our filled re-examine of the ZBook 17.

Despite the ZBook 15 being physically lesser than the ZBook 17, their touchpads are identical featuring in size (103 x 59 mm) and feel. Both exploitation the same Synaptics LuxPad V1.6 software and are smooth and precise on behalf of trustworthy exploitation. Multi-touch gestures up to three fingers are configurable and patter anywhere on the touchpad command register a gone click by default. On behalf of broad-spectrum exploitation, we found the touchpad to be present a trace easier to control than the dished track button.

Meanwhile, the surrounding six buttons are all configurable with quiet-but-firm responses as soon as clicked. They are functional having the status of shortcut keys and feel much supplementary uniform than the keys of the Precision M6800 or else ThinkPad W530. These keys on the HP are a trace too at ease to depress, however, so unplanned inputs can occur.

The AUO11ED B156HW01 demonstrate is 1080p and, like nearly everyone other workstations, a dull IPS panel on behalf of better viewing angles and ensign. Texts and images appear earn with rebuff large ghosting or else bleeding issues. Though 1080p ought to be present sufficient on behalf of nearly everyone users, notebooks featuring in broad-spectrum are introduction to move to top resolutions and denser pixels. The Precision M4800, on behalf of exemplar, has already made the move to a 3200 x 1800 declaration demonstrate, so we fully expect opportunity ZBook models to monitor suit.

Our measured screen brightness averages close to 300 nits, which is sufficient on behalf of a 15.6-inch dull demonstrate under interior lighting conditions. Highest brightness command not artificially decline if disconnected from peripheral power. Its contrast of going on for 550:1 is almost partly with the aim of of the Preicsion M4800, but is otherwise comparable to the ThinkPad W530 and MSI GT60. While these figures would be present inordinate on behalf of a consumer notebook, they are going on for common on behalf of a workstation featuring in this value range.

A characteristic footnote on the backlight is its decelerate response as soon as attempting to decrease or else build up brightness. We qualified this same unimportant circulation on the ZBook 17 and it appears to be present a trouble-free software dilemma across the current ZBook generation.

Distribution of brightness
Unfortunately, color hole reproduction does not cover the majority of the AdobeRGB spectrum and is as a substitute closer to sRGB. This is like to the demonstrate of the Precision M6800, someplace going on for 90 percent of sRGB is covered compared to < 60 percent of funds notebooks with cheaper panels. This possibly will be present sufficient on behalf of a variety of digital graphics artists, but folks featuring in need of a wider array can consider the ZBook 17 someplace we measured coverage of going on for 93 percent of the AdobeRGB standard. Otherwise, users ought to upgrade to the DreamColor demonstrate on the ZBook 15 on behalf of better color reproduction.

More demonstrate analyses were performed with an HP laptop battery X-Rite i1Basic Pro spectrophotometer. The demonstrate command benefit from a calibration having the status of it creates a butter up RGB balance with a gamma closer to the 2.2 ideal having the status of defined by the sRGB standard. Color accuracy increases with increasing diffusion levels, but it is still very help even by the side of low diffusion with a DeltaE 2000 of going on for 7 units by the side of most awful. Teal is represented excluding accurately than other ensign.

Al fresco usability is okay if sincere sunlight can be present avoided. The dull demonstrate helps with visibility and dipping glare and the relatively powerful backlight minimizes washed unfashionable ensign if just marginally. Nonetheless, it is not clever a sufficient amount to deter sunlight on behalf of extended al fresco viewing. Exploitation under shade by the side of highest brightness is recommended on behalf of a supplementary comfortable experience.

Viewing point of view stability is admirable having the status of this is an IPS panel. Ensign organize not degrade by the side of extreme angles on behalf of a wider viewing window compared to nearly everyone funds notebooks. Combined with the 180 degree turning point and dull demonstrate, sharing the screen with nearby contacts or else coworkers ought to not be present a dilemma.

To top

HP offers emphatically three configurable Haswell CPU options: The 2.4 GHz i7-4700MQ, 2.7 GHz i7-4800MQ and 2.8 GHz i7-4900MQ. All models are high-end processors and are particular of the fastest to be had of this generation. Away from the slight chronometer rate differences, the highest type adds 2 MB of L3 store on behalf of a count up of 8 MB. The models are otherwise identical featuring in performance specs, as well as their integrated HD 4600 GPU, while the two top models include supplementary security skin texture (i.E., vPro, VT-d and Trusted Execution) with the aim of possibly will appeal to bigger businesses. These Haswell CPUs can idle by the side of 800 MHz as soon as not under load.

RAM is provided by four HP laptop battery DDR3 PC3-12800 SODIMM modules from Samsung on behalf of a count up of 16 GB. Two of the modules are without problems welcoming via the maintenance panel underneath, though the other two command require a trace supplementary tinkering with screwdrivers to access. Up to 32 GB can be present configured.

DPC Latency director shows rebuff latency issues even with wireless radios enthusiastic.

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