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LCD TV Konka 42GS80DC Review

Listed earlier LCD TV Konka 42GS80DC Although positioning is not high, but not so reduces the overall display screen, especially in hard-screen Full HD IPS is effectively improved by adding more dynamic picture of the tailing phenomenon. Another powerful streaming media capabilities can help users achieve a variety of laptop battery video playback, the current 4,199 yuan LCD TV Konka 42GS80DC low sales, like a friend may wish to consider.

In terms of performance, full-screen high-definition hard-IPS engine technology and sports to join to help improve LCD TV Konka 42GS80DC a dynamic picture of the tailing phenomenon, and the addition of ultra-decoding technology is to meet the user from the RM to H.264 format Video file playback.

In appearance, the Konka 42GS80DC Bright LCD TV appearance of the injection molding process using streamer, the border can change with the light and change the angle, can show a burgundy and dark purple, fashion, look more beautiful urban style, more for young people attractive.

In the interface area, Konka 42GS80DC LCD TV appearance with all major interfaces, USB interfaces, HDMI, composite, component interfaces, AV interfaces, VGA interfaces, s-video port, and headphone jack, rational design, while meeting the user wall TV use of the interface design is quite user-friendly.


Size Type TV series 1080p Series

42-inch screen size

Screen ratio 16:9

Resolution of 1920 × 1080

Does HD 1080p/1080i/720p

Backlight CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp types

Hard-screen LCD panel IPS

Time to market in February 2009

Reflective audio performance with built-in speakers with an independent vacuum chamber system

Five-band laptop battery equalizer

Independence chamber of reflection

Wisdom of the engine performance characteristics

Campaign Engine

Energy-saving engine

Intelligent backlight adjustment

H.264 Full HD Jieba

Support RM / RMVB decoder

Digital Photo Frame

Source Editor

Still image

Splendid News


Input terminals 2 × HDMI 1.3 Deep Color Technology

2 × USB 2.0

1 × VGA

2 × YPbPr

3 × AV input

1 × S-Video

1 × PC Audio

Output terminal 1 × AV output

1 × headphone output

Bright Black Designs

Edit Comment: Konka 42GS80DC Full HD LCD TV In addition to adding a hard screen and motion IPS engine technology to enhance the dynamic picture display, the powerful entertainment features equally user attention, particularly powerful streaming media playback is satisfied user demand for laptop battery video playback, the current store selling LCD TV Konka 42GS80DC, interested friends not to miss the opportunity.

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