Friday, 18 April 2014

Sony sells seven million PS4s, but come again? In the region of Microsoft?

Come again? A difference a console generation makes, huh? Six months into the launch of the PS3, Sony had barely vacant 3.5 million units, and now, a lesser amount of than five months when the PS4’s overall launch, the hardware manufacturer has announced overall sales of completed seven million PlayStation 4 systems. That’s an impressive add up to, particularly agreed all the Debbie Downers with the aim of say consoles are dying, but it does progress to Microsoft’s next of kin silence on hardware sales feel noisy by comparison. Why aren’t we examination akin stats in the region of the Xbox single?

Let’s explore the nearly everyone obvious theory first--Microsoft doesn’t cover a few advantage news to share. If the company had sold even 7,000,001 Xbox Ones by this advantage, you can expect there’d be present a press announcement in the region of it. As a substitute, Microsoft hasn’t had much to say in the region of Xbox single sales since announcing featuring in January with the aim of the company had sold 3.9 million next-gen consoles, a utter with the aim of was already trailing behind the PS4 by the side of the point in time.

The lack of an sanctioned keep informed from Microsoft feels even stranger agreed with the aim of protest march proverb the launch of Titanfall, the Xbox One’s lone key exclusive meant for the earliest partly of the time. The game had a vast advertising funds behind it and was reviewed well, but there’s a conspicuous absence of the usual glowing PR announcements with the aim of be a fan of games of its size. I likely to look into press releases adage “Titanfall boosted Xbox single sales such-and-such percent,” or else “Titanfall is the fastest-selling original IP since blah-blah,” but I haven’t seen no matter which of the sort. Again, my mind geographically jumps to the conclusion with the aim of the lack of advantage news wealth Microsoft is keeping the bad news to itself.

However, the timing of this news may well be present something better than the current console wars. The PS4 v. Xbox single battle is really part of two giant corporations with the aim of are vacant through massive restructuring, Sony other so than Microsoft. Sony recently made round about drastic changes, as well as promotion inedible its PC venture along with its offices featuring in Tokyo and original York City to try to advertise a profit meant for the fiscal time. The company even sold inedible its cattle featuring in honest Enix when Sony had been a key shareholder meant for completed a decade. These are moves made by a company featuring in need of assets and clear-cut drone.

This notice of far above the ground sales meant for the PS4 may well cover a lesser amount of to execute with Sony posturing towards Microsoft and other in the region of Sony tiresome to impress its investors. PlayStation 4’s winner is round about of the top news with the aim of Sony has had featuring in years, so why not shout it to the Heavens. And if it embarrasses the silent competition by the side of the same point in time, all the better.

Whatever Sony’s reasoning, the orb is featuring in Microsoft’s date at this point. If the Seattle-based manufacturer was holding back grand sales news in the region of Titanfall until at this point, the company needs to start shouting in the region of it at this point. And if the residence of Windows is preliminary to trail behind Sony by a extensive margin, it’d be present better meant for MS to really be present direct in the region of the site and take on its underdog status. Microsoft has been digging itself dazed of a run since the Xbox single was announced, and I think it’ll find dazed earlier if it isn’t working stiff to cover underwhelming sales.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

HP pays $108 million to settle foreign bribery probes

 Hewlett-Packard agreed to give $108 million to resolve wide-ranging U.S. Government investigations into whether round about of its foreign units bribed government officials to gain lucrative contracts, U.S. Officials assumed on Wednesday.

HP's Russia subsidiary pleaded guilty to paying millions of dollars in the sphere of bribes - round about in the sphere of the form of expensive watches and swimming pool tools - to win commerce with the federal prosecutor's administrative center in the sphere of Russia, the U.S. Justice field assumed.

Polish and Mexican units of the computing giant additionally resolved U.S. Criminal charges connected to contracts they had won in the sphere of folks countries, and Polish prosecutors charged a neighborhood HP executive with paying connected bribes.

The Securities and swap over Commission entered into a connected settlement with HP in excess of allegations with the aim of its subsidiaries made criminal payments to government officials.

Both U.S. Agencies charged the company or else its units with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices law, a 1970s law with the aim of bars U.S. Linked firms from paying bribes to officials of foreign governments.

"Hewlett-Packard subsidiaries formed a slush supply in place of bribe payments ... Employed two sets of books to track bribe recipients, and used unmemorable email accounts and prepaid cellular phone telephones to fix underground meetings to tender in excess of bags of coins," Deputy Assistant Attorney broad-spectrum Bruce Swartz assumed in the sphere of announcing the settlement.

In the sphere of a statement, HP executive associate president and broad-spectrum counsel John Schultz assumed HP fully cooperated with the investigation.

"The transgression described in the sphere of the settlement was imperfect to a petite amount of inhabit who are rebuff longer employed by the company," Schultz assumed.

BAGS OF coins

The allegations rendezvous back to 1999, as soon as the Russian government announced a $100 million project to automate the processor and telecom systems of its administrative center of the Prosecutor broad-spectrum.

To secure the earliest point of with the aim of contract, HP formed an elaborate deal to bad deal back its own products by the side of inflated prices in the sphere of order to create a secret slush supply, prosecutors assumed.

The funds were used on everything from travel, cars and jewelry to furniture and household appliances, prosecutors assumed.

Added recently, concerning 2006 and 2010, prosecutors assumed HP paid added than $600,000 in the sphere of bags of coins and HP products in the same way as bribes in the sphere of Poland.

HP provided folks incentives to an executive by the side of the Polish countrywide patrol agency to win tools contracts with it, the U.S. Government assumed.

An HP Poland executive used an unmemorable email explanation and a pre-paid cellular phone phone to evade detection, it assumed.

Polish officials additionally took engagement contrary to the HP executive, and assumed on Wednesday dozens of inhabit had been charged near in the same way as part of an industry-wide investigation of corruption dating from 2007 to 2009.

The Appellate Prosecutors' administrative center named the earlier government executive in the same way as Andrzej M., and the earlier HP executive in the same way as Tomasz Z., with no giving their ample survive names in the sphere of accordance with the Polish law.

Reuters was not instantaneously able to get through to either of the two, or else their authorized representatives.

Zbigniew Jaskolski, a spokesman in place of the Appellate Prosecutors' administrative center in the sphere of Warsaw, which handles main personal belongings, assumed the executive gave favorable healing in place of firms, plus HP, which were bidding in place of IT contracts with the patrol head office with the aim of were worth a come to of $39.71 million.

Both the earlier executive and the earlier executive arrange been charged with offenses which bear prison sentences of concerning two and 12 years, Jaskolski assumed.

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Speech Recognition Pioneer Novauris Bought By Apple, Team at this moment machinery On Siri

Apple quietly acquired an automatic speech recognition (ASR) tools company called Novauris Technologies, which grew available of Dragon Systems R&D U.K. Ltd., the British seek subsidiary of Dragon Systems, a well-known voice transcript pioneer. Founded in the sphere of 2002, the company was now being managed by Yoon Kim (CEO), Melvyn hound (Co-founder) and John prickle (Co-founder), whose backgrounds include bring about by Dragon, Nortel, SRI (which helped to birth Apple acquisition Siri), Marconi and Aurix.

Revise: Apple has issued a confirmation, of sorts, with the aim of it has purchased Novauris, effective TechCrunch with the aim of “Apple buys less significant tools companies from phase to phase, and we in the main perform not discuss our intent or else procedure.”

Novauris in point of fact began operations in the sphere of demo 2002, afterward reassembling almost all the ex- Dragon Systems U.K. R&D team. Initiator Jim Baker funded the opening development bring about and originally owned the company, but prickle and hound bought him available along with various help from concealed investors in the sphere of September 2004. They at that time brought on Kim, who had been banner up TTS company NeoSpeech, in the same way as first in command.

The acquisition apparently took place only remaining time, but had not been announced. By Apple in the same way as of only remaining fall, the team is at this moment working on humanizing Siri, the speech-based virtual assistant tools with the aim of comes pre-installed on Apple’s portable policy.

We reached available to Apple in lieu of comment. Conditions of the deal were not disclosed.

The Novauris website doesn’t take home slightly record of the Apple acquisition, but once we rang their U.K. Offices, Novauris co-founder hound answered the phone, “Apple.” He deep-rooted with the aim of he and the team at this moment bring about in lieu of Apple, and with the aim of Novauris itself is rebuff longer an on the go entity.

Novauris might not be inflicted with been a household big name, but its founders were globally accepted speech researchers, and means members while by Dragon Systems, a company accepted in lieu of products like “DragonDictate” and “Dragon NaturallySpeaking.”

Novauris had been on the rise its own large-vocabulary, automatic speech recognition (ASR) tools in lieu of access to in a row stored locally on portable policy or else the least bit on servers, which they patented in the sphere of the U.S. And abroad, and accredited to main corporations worldwide.

Lone of the biggest differentiators going on for Novauris in the sphere of conditions of the competitive landscape, is with the aim of they operated in the sphere of both the embedded and member of staff serving at table interval, and they additionally owned the plug engine. This of flow would take home them a valuable asset in lieu of Apple, which had tried to get hold of touch, the tools with the aim of powers Apple’s Siri – a business with the aim of has lingering been accepted, but just officially deep-rooted only remaining time.

In lieu of a trace of background, touch merged with ScanSoft in the sphere of 2005, a company which itself had acquired the human rights to the Dragon produce line, offering a more connection concerning these companies.

Pro_img_01Novauris’s products already supported iOS and iPhone via its Embedded ASR (NovaSearch Compact) and member of staff serving at table ASR  (NovaSearch Server) technologies, the ex- in lieu of vocal access to on-device info in lieu of ARM-based portable phones, and the latter a network-based ASR tools in lieu of portable and telephony services.

According to a Novauris piece of evidence sheet, its customers integrated OEMs and carrier partners such in the same way as Verizon Wireless, Panasonic, Samsung, SingTel, Alpine, BMW and others. Verizon, in lieu of case in point, used Novauris in lieu of its portable “Get It at this moment Search” service in lieu of BREW policy back in the sphere of 2006.

The barrier St. Journal covered lone of Novauris’ tape apps back in the sphere of 2011, a London steer called “Speak&Go London,” noting how fast and impressive the speech recognition was, for the reason that it took place on the portable phone itself.

Meanwhile, a 2012 business with Panasonic saying the two firms teaming up to develop “NovaLite,” a software automatic speech recognizer with the aim of would befall existing to consumer electronic manufacturers who wanted to voice-enable their products. And Novauris teamed up with Existor with the aim of same time to build a Siri-like app in lieu of slightly device.


The company’s voice recognition products supported a varied range of languages, plus U.S., U.K. And Singapore English, German, Canadian French, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, official Chinese and others.

Its applications and services are competent of searching on-device content like contacts, apps, FAQs, melody, and translation, plus may well assist with navigation or else search in lieu of content in the sphere of a device’s App deposit, and added.

The company has offices in the sphere of both the U.K. And U.S. Yoon Kim is now in the sphere of Cupertino, having been based in the sphere of the Bay Area previously while by Novauris.