Monday, 6 December 2010

Sliding full keyboard Android phone on sale

With several models use Android system, Motorola once again become the focus of a consumer company. And today, but also a model system using the Android officially on sale, that Motorola XT300 (parameter forum software). The current machine (licensed) in the dealer price is 1850 yuan at the latest, licensed accessories complete.

From the exterior, the Motorola XT300 very easy for us to think of another model - Palm Pre. Under the slider and candy bar and did not use much of the screen, so it is very small, frosted material holding the body also make it very superior grip. Positive for a 3.0-inch 240 × 320 pixel resolution capacitive touch screen. XT300 uses a Motorola Android 2.1 smartphone operating system, software resources. Manipulation, Motorola XT300 has natural advantages are, apart from other touch operation, the drop-down slide full keyboard can also be used to operate the entity. Moreover, there is a Motorola XT300 navigation touchpad on the back. Back of the fuselage also incorporates a 3.2 million pixel camera.

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